renovate also provides social media service B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

renovate also provides social media service B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

need to write systems required document for the project proposal attached.

Project proposal

Renovate (Connect Homeowners to Local Service Professionals)

This is a Project proposal to connect homeowners with local service professionals for help in home improvements projects such as plumbing, painting, landscape, electrical…etc. This Project is building a mobile application where users can sign up using their email id and search for a service professional by category or name like plumber, painter, electrician, landscaper…etc

Everyone loves their home and would like to design and build as per their needs and wishes. Renovating home can be expensive and time consuming, many people would like to do wok by themselves, as it can be less expensive than hiring a contractor. During this pandemic “Do IT Yourself” projects are spiked as people are staying home and working from home.

Renovate Helps Homeowners Hire a service professional for a very low hourly cost around a particular area. Professionals can earn money as side income by signing up in app and providing their specialty service to homeowners. Both Service Professionals and Homeowners can choose their flexible time and communicate.

Homeowners and Service Professionals Rate/review each when they are hired to help others to find best service. Homeowners can post questions and take advises from pros when doing a DIY (Do it Yourself) Project.

Renovate also provides Social media service for homeowner, where they can share their project photos and chat with each other. This helps homeowner when doing a DIY project.

Renovate helps homeowners by providing required materials to complete a specific project, Helps homeowners with Tips.

  • Problems
  • Goals/Objectives

It is very hard for a homeowner to fin a local service professional at a affordable price. Homeowners are wasting time and money on a project find required tools and lack of easy tips. Homeowners can not post questions for help in a home improvement project. Hiring a contractor for renovating home projects can be expensive.

Goal of this project is to help homeowners encourage to do DIY projects by providing support from pros and helping tips. Homeowners can browse their project interest and find help from single App. Help homeowners save renovation cost by providing affordable service. By providing tips to homeowners can help doing the project themselves which helps save lot of money to homeowners. Homeowners can get tips from professionals in the Renovate App.

Aim of this project is to connect homeowners with local service professionals to carry out home improvement, maintenance, and remodeling.

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