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Project 3: Digital Marketing Analytics
Step 1: Discuss Customer Relationship Management and Search Engine Optimization

As Jillian Best had promised, Ying’s email lands in your inbox by midafternoon on Friday.

INBOX: 1 New Message

Subject: Digital Marketing with CompanyOne
From: Ying Bao, Associate Consultant, MCS
To: You and Team

Good afternoon,

I’m looking forward to working with you all on this project. As you may already know, we will spend the next two weeks in working meetings with the goal of producing digital marketing recommendations for our client, CompanyOne.

First, to kick things off, let’s reach a common understanding of what crafting a digital marketing strategy entails, as well as related concepts like customer relationship management (CRM), and search engine optimization (SEO).

A firm grasp of CRM is vital to understanding customers, successfully using social CRM, and implementing a CRM strategy. Reading about SEO will help this team become knowledgeable about link popularity and user insights.

To be most effective in our upcoming meetings, please supplement your knowledge of the above topics with your own research related to Google Analytics and similar analytical tools.

In addition to the readings for this project, please see the attached discussion topics below that we will cover in our meetings. You must respond to both of these discussions. Please take a look and come to the meeting ready to discuss.

We will have two senior executives from CompanyOne participating as observers and taking notes during our deliberations next week. We want to have done our homework, so that we can make a good impression. After all, MCS has a reputation to maintain.

Thanks so much, really looking forward to seeing your posts in these two areas.


Email signature with MCS corporate logo, Ying Bao, Associate Consultant, and contact info


Discussion Topics 1 and 2

Review the discussion topics via the link above, go to the discussion area, and begin by posting one main response to each of the two topics. Support your arguments under each topic with at least one source from the course readings, and three reliable nonscholarly sources derived from your own research. Then respond to at least two postings from the class. Complete all discussion posts by the end of Week 5 at the latest.

Review the MBA Discussion Guidelines for instructions on participation in discussions.

When you have finished, proceed to the next step, where you will continue your meetings and will be trained to use Google Analytics.

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