region influenced global trends W r i t i n g

region influenced global trends W r i t i n g

Here are the three questions. You have to answer ALL three of them:

1. GLOBAL HISTORY. Give one example of an early form of human globalization. In one paragraph (3-4 sentences) state one instance of globalization from any time in history up to the year 1900. Tell why you think is is an example of globalization (even if it spans only one region of the world as we know it today).

2. GLOBAL IN. Consider the six regions of the world covered in the course so far (Africa, the Middle East, South/SE Asia, East Asia, Europe, and the Americas). For EACH region, in one paragraph per region, give one example each of how global forces affected that region. Explain how something outside that region affected its culture, economics, politics or society.

3. GLOBAL OUT. For EACH of the six regions that we covered in this course, give one example of how that region influenced global trends, cultures, economies, etc. outside its region. Explain how this example contributed to any aspect of globalization, such as culture, economics, politics or society.

You will then have written 13 paragraphs: one in response to question 1, six for question 2, and six for question 3. In each paragraph be sure to mention references to your examples that you read in the readings in the textbook and heard in the lectures. This exam is aimed at testing your ability to learn from the readings and lecture and apply that knowledge to specific examples that we discussed in class.

You do not need to give formal citations to any reference you make to the readings or lectures. You can just say that “in the lecture on Africa, the professor said….” or “in the textbook reading on the Middle East, the article on ‘whether conflicts in the Middle East are more religious’ said that….”

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