red tailed hawk circling high H u m a n i t i e s

red tailed hawk circling high H u m a n i t i e s


Below are 10 word groups; some fragments, some complete sentences. Copy this page to another document if you want to take more time with it, or you may write directly into the text box. if an item is a complete thought, write “S” beside its number; if it is a fragment, correct it any way you wish. When finished, submit both exercises together by using “Create a Thread” and, if time permits, we may compare responses to get an idea of the kinds of creativity possible. (*No response is required here.)

  1. The beautifully colored clouds low in the western sky.
  2. The Tuatara actually has a kind of third eye in its forehea
  3. The surf pounding relentlessly on the craggy shore.
  4. The Kansas City Chiefs who proved themselves worthy of support after all.
  5. High in the evening air, a red tailed hawk circled in the golden light.
  6. A red tailed hawk circling high in the golden evening light.
  7. Without consideration of the offensive nature of his actions.
  8. There was no consideration given to the possibly offensive nature of his actions.
  9. Since the sky was gray and threatening.
  10. The antique clock ticking away on the mantle.

More About Fragments

We know that all Standard English sentences state a complete thought and consist of a subject and predicate. This also defines an independent clause. A dependent or subordinate clause, on the other hand, has a subject and verb, but is stated in such a way that a reader/listener knows it is part of a more important idea. “After we ate” is subordinate to whatever went on “after.” (Did we all get sick? Did Ed shoot Fred? Did we break camp?) Below are ten clauses. Identify the independent clauses by writing “I” and invent something to make sense of any subordinate clauses.

  1. Although it takes work to understand, poetry appeals to all kinds of people.
  2. Although it was hard work and had a great universal appeal to all kinds of people.
  3. Mark Twain, who might be considered America’s greatest author.
  4. Because the geology is so strange on the shores of North Ireland and Scotland.
  5. While we were preparing for the composition examination.
  6. Because Grandpa went downtown.
  7. Grandma ran away with the mailman.
  8. It is hard to believe that Bill O’Reilly didn’t know what causes the tides.
  9. As if Bill O’Reilly knew anything at all about modern science.
  10. So that we can fairly quickly move from fossil fuel to renewable energy.

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