reasons behind rates decreasing among students H u m a n i t i e s

reasons behind rates decreasing among students H u m a n i t i e s

Response Guidelines

Read your peers’ initial posts and choose two of your peers’ abstracts to read and respond to. For each peer response, provide feedback and questions to your peer about his or her abstract. Include thoughts and questions about your peer’s course project and how he or she might be able to improve the abstract. Be sure to address any questions your peer may have posed in his or her initial discussion post.

Student post down below:


Northside Completion program is a program that helps students stay on track to complete school. The program works with four schools on the northside of Riverbend City. To provide the resources that are needed for the students Northside Completion program partners with the school administration, faculty, and guidance counselors.

The issues this research study addresses are to understand the reasons behind the turnover rates within the staff in the program. There will be an attempt to learn and understand the challenges and the chaos the staff are experiencing so that improvements can be implemented. Another issue this research study addresses is to understand the reasons behind rates decreasing among students as they move up in their grade level in high school.

The proposed solution would be to incorporate more services so that students have more for them to help them be more successful in school. There are so many obstacles that come up for these students and there should be services in place that would address and be a help for students so that they won’t fall between the cracks. Other solutions would be to provide more staff so that the current staff would not be burned out, and to understand the intention behind staff wanting to leave so that they can step in and make changes beforehand.

Action research was used to assess the issues to develop strategies to achieve a soluton for the organization. The type of research design that was used was documents, reports and records. This gives the researcher a great way to obtain information (Stringer, 2013). The researcher might have chosen this type of research design to be able to present to stakeholders information that would cause them to understand what is going on with the program. The data was collected by the staff that work at the Northside Completion program by observing the participants in the program. The data would be used to see how the program can be more effective as the youth get closer to graduation.

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