really seemed like beautiful W r i t i n g

really seemed like beautiful W r i t i n g

A reflective essay is one that collects your thoughts on a subject — writing the essay is just a way of thinking back on what you learned.

This should be a very personal piece of writing: it is more about you and what you learned about writing this semester. 

For this final essay, please respond to ONE of the following prompts. Do not try to combine. 

Write in whatever tone you find appropriate. You can even be creative and personal; you do not have to be stiff or academic, but you should be clear, use paragraphs, and consider appropriate organization. 

1.  Consider this reflection on revision from Kiese Laymon (Links to an external site.): “In my own sloppy work, on and off the page, I was beginning to understand ‘revision’ as a dynamic practice of revisitation, premised on ethically reimagining the ingredients, scope, and primary audience of one’s initial vision. Revision required witnessing and testifying. Witnessing and testifying required rigorous attempts at remembering and imagining.” Then, answer any of the following questions in response: What do you think Laymon means here? What was your experience of revision in this class? Can you provide your own discussion of the importance of revision in writing and life? 

2. Select one of the essays from this semester that really seemed like beautiful or exciting writing to you. Try to imitate their writing style as you explain what it is that you liked about that essay. At the end of the essay, briefly explain the choices you made in your writing in order to “sound like” that writer. 

3. Think about your own progress in this course and your future as a college student. Look back at your previous submissions in this class and the feedback you received. Then, answer as many of these questions as you would like: What was your writing like when you began the course? Is it better now? Are you more confident? How will you remember the specific struggles of this course and this time (remember the transition from virtual to in-person?!)? How did it feel to receive detailed feedback from the instructor? For this prompt, do not feel like you need to compliment (or insult!) the professor or the class. This is not a course evaluation! 

You will be assessed on: How well organized is your essay? Does it flow smoothly and logically from one point to the next? Do you back up your points with specific examples? Are your sentences clear and mostly correctly punctuated? Do you push yourself to make surprising and insightful points? 

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