really big labor shortage right B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

really big labor shortage right B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Describe the major challenges distribution managers face in the current environment. Please cite your work and respond to peers.

and respond to two student posts below.


Vanessa Greenlee

The major challenges that I see the distribution managers are having is finding their workforce to manage their demand. There is they really big labor shortage right now ever since the pandemic started in 2020. Another challenge is getting product or materials into the US because the borders are closed down or they are only sending out a limited amount because of the labor shortages that country may be having. The other major challenge I see in the work field I’m in is trucks. Trying to find a trucking company to take things or schedule a pickup has been so hard. I know that right now some companies like FedEx isn’t as well in the future for them overnight anymore. For FedEx it’s more or less like three days if not longer for shipping. There is a lot more challenges that distribution managers face and there is a lot more to come as well in the future for them.


Luis Montoya

After keeping a closer eye on news and and developments regarding warehouses and logistics over the last year, I’ve noticed that the circumstances change drastically from year to year and from month to month. I am not sure if it has always been this way, but we seem to have more disruptive events happening over and over again. One incident that has made national news over the last week is the Floods that have been troubling the Canadian province, British Columbia.

As floods increased in magnitude, the worst happened. One of B.C.’s major highways collapsed, and a few major railroads errorded, forcing it to be cut off from the rest of Canada for the most part. The article by Toombs reports that just about every transported commodity will rise steeply as most, if not all shipments get diverted through air shipping rather than ground shipping.

A distribution manager here reports being torn between figuring out how to deal with the increased shipping costs and shipping delays. While it would be best for the company to pass on the charges to the customer, that may force a customer to stop doing business with that company. The distribution manager speculates that it would be best to handle these charges in a case-by-case basis, allowing for some shipping charges and delays to be passed on to the customer, while eating some of the others when appropriate.

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