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realized many adequate resources helped H e a l t h M e d i c a l



The SAMHSA website has always been informative and helped me to understand ways in which I can help my students/community in very practical ways. Last year, we had a suicide at the school I teach at. I found the Suicide Prevention Resource Center to be very helpful, not only for the students that were impacted, but also for those that had suicide ideation. Mental Illness and Substance abuse amongst teens has also been very helpful. It always surprises me how many kids have used a substance, even when they are still in elementary school. Making sure my students know that it is okay to ask for help is really important to me. Finally, I recently stumbled upon the National Traumatic Stress Initiative; which has been great given the time of Covid and how many kids are losing loved ones; or who are feeling mentally exhausted during this turbulent time. Being able to help my community is incredibly important as a teacher, and I am constantly looking for new ways to be a good resource.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA 2021). https:// #2 CAROLYN

In all my college years we have used this web site. This is one of my “go to’s” My choices are;

National Suicide Prevention Hotline .

The information at your finger tips and knowing all I have to do is make one call and someone who is caring and supportive is on the other end. A little over a year ago I used this service. I have never seen so much action and help from strangers. You can hear it in their voice. It was shortly after that episode when I needed to research this suicide desire. Taking these classes and attending this college put my faith back in place and loaded me with wisdom to help others who are on the edge. This is the only college I found with this program and faith. I am now well educated and stronger in faith.

My second is Substance Use Disorders.

I was well aware of choices with people using substances, but another reason I picked GCU was the subject content. Covering grief and death is a big part of my career.I have worked in mental health with substance use disorders for well over 20 years. I have seen so many lives being taken by overdoses. I needed to add this to my list so that those that struggle with drug use could have a better and clearer understanding of the path they were heading on. With attending THIS college I would not have had the understanding of mental health in a deeper meaning but having the knowledge and sharing how an overdose and even their spiritual choices can improve with the right choices.

Lastly is Older Adults

Finding things for our older population is not always available. This site has all the information needed for elders. But attending GCU helped bring both of those issues together. Seniors have a real sense that their life is at an end. Never knowing where or what will take that day. Seniors want to live the best they can and at times that can be a challenge. Using the SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration 2021) site seniors can find anything about living in the senior years right up to questions answered and help available for illnesses. Attending GCU expanded what I can do for that population and working with end of life care. Between the two (GCU and SAMHSA) I have never felt more prepared for caring for the population I serve.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA 2021). https:// #3 NOEL

While utilizing the SAMHSA website, I realized many adequate resources helped me through my academic studies at Grand Canyon University. For example, their website offers early interventions and treatment for juveniles in the criminal justice system with mental health and co-occurring disorders. Also, on their website, they promote awareness from families and individuals for trauma and violence. Bringing awareness educates everyone on the impact of trauma and violence and the related health concerns of achieving recovery and healing.

MAT is a community resource that is recommended for people who abuse opioids. MAT is designed to combine behavioral therapy and medication to treat substance abuse disorders (SAMHSA, 2020). Many professionals in the criminal justice system use MAT. One weakness of MAT is many people will use this program to have access to medication to sell the medication or, in some cases, become more addictive. When individuals don’t take their treatment profound benefits, it can be dangerous and put others’ safety at risk.

The Resources:

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