real versus fake news could lead W r i t i n g

real versus fake news could lead W r i t i n g

For my final project, I decided toresearch cyber bullying and suicide due to cyber bullying. The age group I would target is teenage to adolescent. I am going to research and find different cases and statistics on this issue and compare statistics around the world. I will use primary and secondary sources.

Research paper

This research paper should be 7-10 pages in length, critically analyzing a specific topic related to social media. The topic may be an in-depth examination of an issue touched upon in class, such as social media activism, or of a subject of interest to the student but not specifically included in the syllabus, such as social media use among pre-teens in the United States.

Topics may explore specific applications of a single platform (e.g., Twitter use in nonprofit organizations); general categories of platforms (e.g., analysis of several location-based social media tools); or one of the cornerstone perspectives across numerous categories of social media tools and practices (e.g., an in-depth analysis of economic and ownership issues in social media).

The research paper is an individual project, with all work carried out and presented by a single student. Papers should include a clear thesis statement, logical argument, and rely on some combination of secondary sources (at least five), primary research is preferable wherever possible. Research papers and references should be written and formatted according to an established style guide (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.).

TOPIC IDEA MAPPING: (not required but may be helpful)


Begin with a demographic of interest: millennial, teen,
preteen, baby boomer, etc. DEFINE the ages which fall into this demographic.

Think of a social media usage question for this demographic
which interests you – more than trends, get specific – can add regionality,
income, education, gender, industry, etc.

Determine whether your research would benefit from a platform
specific or broad based approach.


Go back in the modules to see links to the various videos
and articles we have read throughout the semester and think of something you
wish they “explained more” or something you disagreed with; either of those
feelings can inspire you to dig deeper into that theory or concept. For
example, interest in real versus fake news could lead to a paper discussing the
decline in trust among different demographic groups in America and reasons for
those causes.



Cook, Sam. Cyberbullying Facts and Statistics 2020. Retrieved from

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