reading “ confronting injustice ”, H u m a n i t i e s

reading “ confronting injustice ”, H u m a n i t i e s

Format: 12pt font, Times New Roman, 2 pages Single Spaced

*Minimum length requirement for reflections moving forward: 1,200 words minimum (not including work-cited list)


Hello, I need help with my weekly reflection for Sociology class. I will provide you with (1) Powerpoint, (2) the readings, and (3) the YouTube links of the videos we must mention in detail in the reflection, and an example reflection. The reflection is not an essay with an intro, body, and conclusion, but rather just shows the understanding of this weeks material and develop an analytical perspective on it. It is highly encouraged to use quotes from both the readings and Powerpoint. Please include work cited.

Down below I will attach the syllabus instructions for the weekly and the “Orientating Question” that was emailed to us after the lecture to help guide our reflection. THANK YOU.

TA (Teacher grading assistant) NOTE: “try to bring in more specifics from the lecture, readings and documentary, and cite them. So for example, when you describe Indonesia’s economy, say something to the effect of “As shown in lecture #2″. That makes it easier to see how you’re incorporating the ideas from different sources and gives credit where it’s due.”

*** Suggestion from TA: All you really need to do is say ‘in prof Robinson’s lecture’ or ‘as mentioned in into the temptest’ or ‘as shown in Harvest of Empire’ … they really stress that they want you to connect and show you understand the material. So like take from the ‘harvest of empire film’ how they talk about Puerto Rico and How they trans nationalized and are now in the US, take that and connect it to how Robinson talked about it in the lecture and such.


Orientating Question (must answer)

Dear Students,

For your reflection this week, you will discuss the reading “Confronting Injustice”, the powerpoint and class discussion, and the youtube documentary “The Story of Stuff,” the link for which is on the syllabus. Here is your orienting question: How are the themes discussed in class manifested (expressed) in “The Story of Stuff”? What approach to the environmental crisis do you think the narrator is most close to? How about Umair Muhammadad? Where may his book line up with regard to the themes discussed in class? Note that there are no “right” answers. This is simply a jumping off point for you to discuss this week’s theme.


Syllabus Instructions

Read these guidelines carefully. Each week, on 8 occasions, you will prepare a reflection essay of approximately 2-3 pages (single-spaced). *Minimum length requirement for reflections moving forward: 1,200 words (not including work-cited list). You are of course free to write more than the minimum required. These are not academic papers in which you need an introduction, hypothesis, conclusion, etc. They are reflections and you may use a more informal style, even stream of consciousness prose. Please note: there are two criteria we will use in grading these assignments:

Does your reflection demonstrate that you have participated in and paid attention to the lecture/powerpoint, done the readings, and engaged with the documentary?

Have you developed analytical discussion, including bringing in the terms, concepts, and theories that we discuss in the lecture and are in the readings? Have you shown how the three (lectures, readings, documentaries) are related to one another, and have you identified and discussed the underlying theme(s) that run through all three?

In addition, I will generally send out an email shortly after class with several orienting questions that you should respond to in the context of your reflection. We will be looking very carefully to see how you respond to these orienting questions, especially with regard to the readings.

Note that these reflections should not be a summary of the lecture, readings, and documentary, and nor should they be a question and answer format. Avoid mere description. The purpose is three-fold: 1) that you demonstrate you have attended the lectures done the readings, watched the documentaries, and given thought to them; 2) to identify what you did not understand and what you think is important to discuss in class, in relation to the course, and; 3) this is crucial, that you are able to synthesize the three (lecture, readings, documentary) to develop a meaningful analytical discussion on the topic of the week.

As you write these reflections, you should use the sociological concepts and terms you have acquired in the course and through the readings. We will be looking for this as we grade.


Dec 3


First, you will read one newspaper or media article of your choice from the world press (it can be an academic article as well) on the Palestinian struggle and the Israel-Palestine conflict, broadly defined (for instance, it can be on U.S. policy towards Israel, on any current event in Israel or Palestine, etc.). Highlight what you think are the main parts of the article and be prepared to discuss what you read and your own views on it (this should only take a few minutes).

Second, read Robinson, “My Ordeal with the University of California”, which is one chapter in the book We Will Not Be Silenced, the pdf of which is posted on Gauchospace (it is a quick read, and eye opening)

Third: Visit this website: APARTHEID ADVENTURES,…

Read: Umair Muhammadad, Confronting Injustice

Reflection #7 must be uploaded by Dec. 3 by 11:00PM


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