quote apa 7th edition formatted quote W r i t i n g

quote apa 7th edition formatted quote W r i t i n g

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“Love Song to the Earth”

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The Inspiration:

During your dream vacation over the holidays, you were invited to attend the New Years Celebration Event of the year!!!

You were amazed to meet so many famous folks who you celebrate as celebrities! Among the VIP guests whom you have met and befriended at the event are Al Gore (notable politician and trail blazer spearheading the Global Warming Movement), Ryan Coogler (notable film director and CSUS alumni), and Greta Thurnberg (notable Swedish environmental activist teen trying to wake up a comatose adult world). Together, you have hatched an idea to help promote environmental social justice with the mainstream population by sharing a story via a motion picture film format. Knowing that global warming is an issue of paramount importance for the health of both humanity and the planet earth, and knowing what you know now about the significance of a children’s literature, you have decided to offer your help by selecting the best story to tell. You are SO excited to be part of the team and a key player within a new global project called “Wake Up to Wake Up”!

You have been tasked to review the following children’s picture books that address the dire circumstances posed within climate change. Specifically, you are choosing from the following fabulous five books listed here to bring to Ryan Coogler’s attention for a film adaptation. You know that the genius of a good story and the art of storytelling can ignite a global movement for change. In this story, the superhero will be science. You know that Mr. Coogler will bring light and life to the story you choose to illuminate the plight and problem facing all people everywhere…. especially the adults in charge of policy decisions that can alter the frightening course of inevitable doom and destruction.

There is still time to wake up the adult policy makers today so that the children of the world can wake up as healthy, thriving adults tomorrow. You know that your choice will give voice to the future of humanity.

Please read and review the following six (6) books and briefly note the main strengths of each of them as a potential movie project about environmental social justice. You have been tasked to be Ryan Coogler’s production lead, and you will isolate which one of these would make the best movie to literally make a ‘dent in the universe’ and impact the future for a healthy planet. This must be the most important film of the century. Choose carefully.

Thank you for taking the time to reflect upon these beautiful children’s books that truly pack a big message for everyone of all ages to experience. We are all vulnerable, all of us – adults as well and children. We need to wake up the world to save the planet earth.


Read and List each of these books in sequential order of strength please with (#1) being listed first as your favorite choice.

After each book, briefly note the chief attribute or core issue inside of the the storyline.


Include one (1) quote APA 7th Edition formatted quote from the EDUC 121 article: “BEYOND THE LORAX: Examining Children’s Books on Climate Change” Boggs et al. (2016) inside of your evaluation.



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