question 13 identify 3 things H e a l t h M e d i c a l

question 13 identify 3 things H e a l t h M e d i c a l

Question 1

Community event/civic engagement: Include the date, time, location of event. (include photo or proof of attendance), if applicable. 

Question 2

Define the community; Specifically identify the community population. Demographics of identified population (e.g age, race, ethnicity, gender, dress code, small/large group?) (100 words or less)

Question 3

Describe details of the interview/debrief, (who, what, where, when) of the personal or social worker you spoke with in an interview/debrief conversation, if applicable. 

Question 4

Define macro practice and its relationship to generalist practice within this community; Possibly describe the historical context of macro practice in social work, if applicable. (250 words or less)

Question 5

Identify an issue that needs to be addressed, the existing services that attempt to address the issue
and the gaps in the existing service; Describe a basic macro-level intervention that was discussed for the identified population at the event, or during your debrief conversation. (250 words or less)

Question 6

From attending this event and debriefing with a work, describe and define the needs and strengths of the identified community. How do they facilitate the interaction between local neighborhood citizens and local institutions/organize a community event meeting (e.g. mobilization of community members)? (250 words or less)

Question 7

Describe a framework for practice with the agency or social worker uses within this particular community with regards to evidence-based practice, if applicable; Describe the difficulties practicing social workers experience when attempting to execute  a community solution or strategic plan. (250 words or less)

Question 8

Describe the approach the meeting had; was it a structured and productive meeting? Did it include an agenda? If you interviewed a social worker, describe their approach to addressing the issues within the community; do they have an organized plan, or is it unstructured/casual? (100 words or less)

Question 9

How did the organizers begin meeting as a group? Do know you the history of such an event/community meeting? If you interviewed a field worker/social worker, how long has their agency worked for the identified population? (50 words or less)

Question 10

Include who is the leader of the event, or the leader of the agency. How do they fulfill this role? (50 words or less)

Question 11

Share 3 points the speaker or the leader (or the social worker you interviewed) that stood out to you. 

Question 12

What role did experienced members play in this group at the event (or would throughout the agency)? How were new members integrated into the group(warm and welcoming/or passive aggressive)? (150 words or less)

Question 13

Identify 3 things you heard that stood out to you, and what these statements caught your attention. (250 words or less)

Question 14

Indicate how your beliefs about the identified population were either confirmed or changed by attending the meeting/interviewing field social worker. Explain by giving examples how your attendance either confirmed or changed your views. (250 words or less)

Question 15

Think back to when you attended the meeting and interviewed a social worker/community worker. Reflect on your feelings, thoughts, and reflections you experience during the meeting and afterwards. Share and note your reflections here, as this is an are important process within the macro social work integration. (250 words or less)

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