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John Mayer ( age 34) is a single taxpayer living at 2020 Martin Drive, Apt. 2, San Jose, CA 95129. His social security number is 123-45-6789. John’s salary and income tax withholding as an engineer at a local company for 2019 are: Salary $132,000, Federal Income tax withheld $25,000. State income tax withheld is $15,000 ( to keep things simple, assume there was NO state tax due or state tax refund from the prior year). John’s only other income is qualifying dividends on PepsiCo stock of $4,900 (remember, if all are fully qualified they are also regular dividends). The qualified is only to determine amount of tax because of special tax treatment. Use the worksheet). John made $5,000 of charitable contributions (assume they are all valid), he rents and apartment, and his car is old – he pays no CA DMV personal property tax (this is for real if the car is old enough).

John sold the following stocks (none is qualified small business stock), NONE of the basis was reported to the IRS (just assume that so you can get some practice preparing Form 8949), and there were NO adjustments to gain or loss:

Red Co bought 2/01/05 for $2,000. Sold 10/05/19 for $7,000

Green Co. bought 06/11/19 for $4,500. Sold 08/03/19 for $3,500.

Blue Co. bought 03/12/19 for $4,200. Sold 9/22/19 for $6,000.

White Co. bought 05/12/04 for $5,000. Sold 10/15/19 for $10,000.

Black Co. bought 09/15/07 for $7,000. Sold 11/01/19 for $6,000.

Required: Complete John’s federal tax return for 2019. Use Form 1040, Sch A, Sch B, Sch D and Form 8949. You DO NOT need to turn in a tax calculation worksheet (there is no fillable form available.)

Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) Form 6251 IS NOT REQUIRED for this tax return.

Hint : pay attention to how qualifying dividends are reported on Form 1040. They go on Line 3a and 3b.

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