Python CSC2421. Develop a program that displays a GUI window

Python CSC242,,1. Develop a program that displays a GUI window with your picture on the left side and your first name, last name, and place and date of birth on the right. The picture has to be in the GIF format. If you do not have one, find a free online converter tool and a JPEG image online and convert the image to GIF.,,2. Modify the phone dial GUI from Section 9.1 so it has buttons instead of labels. When the user dials a number, the digits of the number should be printed in the interactive shell.,,,Following is the original code from the text:,,from tkinter import *,,root = Tk(),,labels = [[‘1′,’2′,’3’], [‘4′,’5′,’6’], [‘7′,’8′,’9’], [‘*’,’0′,’#’]],,for r in range(4):,,for c in range(3):,,label = Label(root, relief=RAISED, padx=10, text=labels[r][c]),,label.grid(row=r, column=c) #Using grid, not pack.