purposepart ii literature review 50 pointswhat information related H u m a n i t i e s

purposepart ii literature review 50 pointswhat information related H u m a n i t i e s


ACE 612 Instructions for Research Paper

Topic: Positive Coaching for Athlete Development

Athletes view their coaches as the leader of their team as well as a role model. Each coach has a different coaching style as well as a different leadership style. Some coaches are formally trained to use positive coaching styles instead of behaviors that may be viewed as negative (e.g., criticism, guilt, abuse).

The question is: would you characterize your coaching style as positive? Is positive coaching necessary for athlete development? Should coaches be formally trained to use a positive coaching style? Is there a difference in athlete experience with a trained coach compared to an untrained coach? Explore different strategies that coaches may use when reinforcing their athletes as well as their problem solving strategies. What coaching style did your former coach have? How did your former coach’s coaching style influence your coaching style? For young athletes, their coach is one of the most prominent role models in their lives at the time of their sport participation. Coaches, athletes, and parents should be aware of a coach’s coaching style and how it may have a positive or negative impact on the athlete’s experience in sport as well as their overall development (not only physically but mentally, emotionally, socially, etc., as well).

Review the literature related to the topic and the related issues and write a paper that includes an introduction, review of relevant literature, application, conclusion, and references. Use the three articles on Canvas as a foundation to your research process. The paper should be word processed, spell-checked and a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15 pages in length using APA style – not including the cover page and references. Late papers will not be accepted.

Format and Evaluation of Research Paper

Paper Outline

Part I Introduction 10 points
What is your topic and your position on the topic?

What is your sport/age group, etc.? (FOOTBALL, COLLEGE)
Why is it important?

Statement of Purpose

Part II Literature Review 50 points
What information related to your topic is already available?

What are the pro’s and what are the con’s.

Support your position with references.

Part III Practical Application 20 points
How can you use the Part II information in your learning/coaching environment? Provide recommendations for teachers/coaches and support with references from the literature.

Part IV Conclusion 10 points
Briefly summarize the impact of the information that you have
provided. Who would be interested?

Emphasize the impact.

Part V References 5 points
You must use at least 8 references.

All references must be research-based articles.

An example would be the Journal of Adolescence. Magazines, newspapers, and textbooks are not acceptable sources for a graduate level paper.

You MUST use APA style to cite all sources.

Organization/Clarity/Neatness 5 points

Title page, page numbers, APA style references (no footnotes!) and appropriate APA style citations. Please refer to the example paper posted on Canvas

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