public policy enforcement areas received significantly less complaints L a w

public policy enforcement areas received significantly less complaints L a w

This is for my administration of justice class.

How can law enforcement agencies attempt to reduce complaints of excessive force and improve overall police-community relationships?

1) Submit your final paper on the assigned topic in APA format. The paper should contain each of the following sections and headings:

a. Introduction

– Provide a general description of the assigned topic and discuss the

current/historical significance of the topic as it relates to criminal justice.

b. Analysis

– Based on the research, explain the potential implications/impacts that the

issue presents now and may have in the future (i.e. effects on society in

general, future victims, offenders, cost to the criminal justice system, etc.)

c. Discussion

– Explore possible ways to address the issue: potential solutions, research

ideas, policy changes, etc., that may impact the issue in a positive way.

d. Conclusion

– Summarize and wrap up the main points of your paper

e. Reference Page

– Attach a separate reference page with all of your sources in APA format

(This is not an annotated bibliography – be sure to attach a proper APA

reference page)

Your paper must also meet the following requirements:
1. Be typed, double-spaced in 12-point font with 1″ margins

2. Contain 4-5 full pages of textthe reference page is a separate page and is not

included in the required paper length

3. Utilize 4 credible sources to support the information that you present in your

paper (Textbooks are not considered academic resources for purposes of this paper).

4. The paper must contain a reference page with the proper citation for all sources

that you have utilized, cited in APA format. Students are reminded that they need to

incorporate in-text citations into the body of their writing assignment identifying the

origins of their sources as they use them.

5. Be written from an objective third person standpoint (NO “I think”)

6. No more than 3 quotes of 20 words or less each are permitted in the paper.

It is important to remember that criminal justice issues often have political, economic, organizational, and social repercussions. Your paper needs to provide sufficient support for the points that you make and those points should not be based on your personal opinion, but should reflect your findings from the sources and information you have obtained.

this assignment adds on to my previous assignment where i had to do a article summary

Article Summary

In “A National Study of Sustained Use of Force Complaints In Law Enforcement Agencies,” the study highlighted how some agency and community characteristics, related to police use of force and the complaints received from these uses of force, a small research team has been focused on understanding how these factors relate to persistent complaints about police use of force. Although only 10% of complaints about the use of force were maintained, the persistent complaints against police use of force represented a theoretical and empirical different component of the relationship. Extensive research into complaints about the use of force often concludes that although complaints about the use of force are rarely maintained, differences in race, ethnicity and sex play an important role. In understanding who is sending the complaint and whether the complaints are being maintained.

Focusing on both gender and race, several studies demonstrate that male and non-white citizens are more likely to file complaints about the use of force. This repeated finding was also repeated in one of the earliest studies on citizen complaints. Fifty years ago, Hudson found that non-white citizens accounted for 70% of complaints against officers that divisions received. Found that non-white citizens accounted for 77.5% of all complaints. There is a continuous number of people filing complaints over time as well as the age of the complainant. Among the complaints filed, those coming from black complainants were significantly less likely to be sustained than those of other races and races. Complaints against male officers and complaints initiated by citizens rather than by police are also less likely to be sustained. Looking at these findings from a different angle, research shows that complaints against black officers, female officers, and complaints initiated by the department are more likely to be sustained.

Although female officers are more likely to be complained, women are less likely to receive complaints in the first place. With studies showing that larger agencies and those with less experienced officers more likely to receive complaints about the use of force, the role of training officers on the use of forceis also focused.Community security generated complaints at a rate comparable to traditional security guard roles in a Philadelphia regional police department. Morrison also concludes that there is little difference in the complaints received based on whether a department is involved in community control.

In addition, a study by the Houston area police demonstrated that officers assigned to public policy enforcement areas received significantly less complaints than those who worked in those areas. While these findings do speak of the number of civil complaints, they do not say a specific number is maintained. Directly examining this study, Lersch and Kunzman found that officers without a two- or four-year degree had significantly more complaints and complaints lasted longer than those with a college degree. This is intended to dig deeper and explore how community characteristics and law enforcement characteristics relate to the number of protracted uses of force complaints within law enforcement agencies.

In general, both a community and agency factor will be involved in sustained complaints.On previous research on the effectiveness of job screening and hypothesize that departments that do pre-hiring screening have significantly less persistent complaints than departments do not have such a screening process. Departments have been asked to state the current handling of all formal citizens’ complaints received in 2006 regarding the use of force.

The solution is public transparency and accountability. The issue of police misconduct is one that has been sensationalized in the media until the difference between facts and emotionally alarming fiction are not able to be told apart. The situation is; the public has concerns about police practices but does not understand current laws and policies regarding police use of force. The public does not know the process of adjudication regarding complaints against the police, and they do not know the available statistics regarding police use of force engagements, nationally or locally. This situation could create a dangerous situation in a democracy; where the people lose faith and confidence in those who swear to uphold and enforce the nations laws. This can lead to grave consequences. In order to solve these problems one, and information campaign must be created to inform the public regarding police use of force in this country. Two, police use of force adjudication and investigation should be made public. Three, a civilian committee should be created to examine trends in police use of force and civilian complaints. – I want the paper to carry on this solution I already created.

Work Citied

Pryor, C., Boman, I. J. H., Mowen, T. J., & McCamman, M. (2019). A national study of sustained use of force complaints in law enforcement agencies. Journal of Criminal Justice, 64.….

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