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pt times new roman font H u m a n i t i e s

1, discussion  

Hollywood and popular culture has influenced many of our conceptions about the past, especially the Middle Ages. Is there anything your learned that made you rethink your previous understanding or idea of medieval culture? What were you most surprised to learn? What would you like to know more about? Be specific. 

2, ESSAY  


Writing begins with the collection of evidence. You must then analyze this evidence in the body of your essay and
complete your essay by uniting it with a central claim, known as a thesis statement. In other words, write the body of
your essay first. Then, return to your introduction and thesis statement.  


INTRODUCE OBJECT The object of your study is The Song of Roland. What is it? When was it written? What is it
about? Who are the characters?  
INTRODUCE SUBJECT The subject of your study is heroism. Why does The Song of Roland provide insight into
medieval heroic ideal through the character of Roland?
What three characteristics of heroism that Roland has or does not have will you be analyzing in
your body paragraphs? (Write the body of your essay first!).
What do the three characteristics that you will be analyzing in the body of your essay imply
about the heroic ideal in medieval Europe?  

P2–4: BODY

The body of your essay should consist of 3 paragraphs. Structure each paragraphs according to the method that we
have been practicing this term.  

Make a claim that identifies your argument in the paragraph. What is one heroic characteristic
that Roland possesses or does not possess. Why is this a heroic characteristic?  
Instructions: Read The Song of Roland. Write a 5-paragraph analytical essay responding to the following

According to The Song of Roland, is Roland a hero, and what makes him heroic or not?

This is a formal writing assignment. Make sure to write in complete sentences and use spell check! Your essay
should be about 4 pages, double-spaced in 12-pt Times New Roman font. Include your name and a title.  

Submit your essay as .doc or .pdf attachment. Canvas is not compatible with .pages.  

If you have any questions, please contact me. We can schedule an appointment to discuss your writing.   

Introduce the evidence that you are about to present by giving some context to the quotation.
What does the reader need to know to understand the evidence?
Choose a short quotation that can be used to make an argument about heroism. Note: The
longer the quote, the more explaining you will have to do in the next section.   
Provide your interpretation (explanation) of the quotation. What is happening in the quote?
ANALYSIS  Explain what your interpretation of the evidence reveals about heroism.  


STATEMENT CLAIM What three characteristics of heroism did you analyze in your body paragraphs?
What is significant about the three characteristics of heroism that you analyzed? What do
these characteristics reveal about the heroic ideal in the Middle Ages?
3,art history project.

Every world civilization produced/s art. Art reflects the values, ideals, and experiences of a civilization. 

Submit your project as a PDF because it will contain images.

INSTRUCTIONS: All submissions will be subject to text-similarity review on  for the detection of plagiarism.

(1) Watch these 5 videos on ancient and medieval art. 

1. Mesopotamian art:

2. Egyptian art:

3. Greek art:

4. Roman art:

5. Medieval art:

(2) Choose 1 artwork, object, or architectural example from each of the five styles above. Use Google or another search engine to the art. Then, download a picture of each artwork, record its name, and date of creation. 

(3) Create a project detailing your knowledge and analysis of each of your chosen artworks. You may complete your project in any program. PowerPoint could be a good option. Save your project as a PDF before uploading to preserve your formatting. Make sure your project includes the following sections:

  1. Image of each artwork with basic provenance information: What is it? What does it depict? When was it created? By whom (if it is known)? Where?
  2. Analysis of each artwork (250–300 words/artwork) responding to the following question: What does your chosen artwork reveal about the culture in which it was produced? Use your chosen artwork as a primary source to make a historical argument. In other words, use the artwork to make a conclusion about the culture in which it was created.

YOU WILL BE GRADED ON THE  THOUGHTFULNESS OF YOUR ANALYSIS. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR PROJECT. You should review the readings in your textbook and consider how certain historical events may have influenced the artist.

Remember, this is a project! Make is visually appealing. 

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