psychological principlesrevised aoc concentration summary W r i t i n g

psychological principlesrevised aoc concentration summary W r i t i n g

Proposed Theme/Sub-concentrations: Medical Admin and Psychological Principles

Revised AOC Concentration Summary (2-5 sentences):

My title, Medical Admin and Psychological principles ( this needs wording changes as you are not taking medical courses so I suggest Health and related Psychological Principles) to better understand the physical conditions, mental disorders, and the interworking’s of an evolving healthcare system. This major informs biomedical (there are no bio-medical courses so remove this word) overall healthcare knowledge and critical aspects of our lives, such as critical thinking and the impact of varying mental health concerns. These principles help us to understand the human behavior of an individual or group and what motivates their actions in daily lives. Health and related psychological principles are the foundations of studying psychology, biological (are you keeping bios courses? If not remove) principles, health studies, administrative roles in healthcare, interprofessional competencies, and pertinent issues found in the current healthcare climate. (what plays an important role, what is it?)It plays an important in enhancing success in informing various sectors (what does this mean) like education, law, and medical care. These principles help service-hospitality (service hospitailtiy is not a term used for healthcare a better term is promote patient advocacy or patient centered care) professionals understand the “every day,” predictable (there is no such thing as predictable so you need to remove this sentence or rephrase) elements in people. The proposed coursework will being to prepare me for admission in graduate school to Healthcare Administration and any Clinical Adolescent Psychology (not certain this is true so maybe rephrase as helps prepare me for instead an absolute).

In the ” ( )” this has been changes by a head of chair even though my advisor thought it was good and approved to send. Please help me try to give understanding to medical administration with combined psychological principles in the upper paragraph. I don’t know how many times I can change it or sound convincing, therefore I need some outlook and help.

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