provides prima facie evidence W r i t i n g

provides prima facie evidence W r i t i n g

Introduction section (See Appendix C, Introduction). Review Chapter 14
for information on layout and information required in the introduction. This draft
should include the research question, research objectives, theory, the research
design, and the beginning of the literature review. This is a DRAFT. You will
refine, add to, and delete from this beginning document as you move through the
course. HOWEVER, grammar, spelling, and sentence structure count.

o Requirements: 500 word minimum; APA format
o 500 word minimum; APA format

  1. Introduction
    This section should introduce your research topic, explain why you feel the research which you
    are planning is worth the effort, where necessary clarify terminology used and set it within the
    context of the academic literature. What is your research topic? This question should be
    answered briefly. In answering it, you should express your research topic in the form of a
    problem which needs solving, a question that needs answering or something which you find
    exciting and has aroused your curiosity. You should also, where appropriate, provide a brief
    description of the organizational background and state why your research is worth the effort from
    an organizational perspective. This should be a thorough analytical review of the literature of a
    given field, indicating that the student has complete, up-to-date knowledge of the field and has
    been able to comment, discuss, compare, contrast and criticize what has been published in the
    area over a defined number of years
    In addition, you should address the following:

    1. Discuss the key academic ideas (theories) within the area of your research topic
      referencing them to their main proponents (authors)
    2. Indicate how your research relates to these ideas (theories).
  2. In addressing these topics you will demonstrate some knowledge of the relevant academic

literature and show where your proposal fits into this debate (a minimum of 5 articles/books
from the academic literature is expected). You will also provide precise references (in APA
format) for these ideas. This section is not the same as a critical literature review. It just outlines,
compares and contrasts the key ideas from academic literature sources which will provide the
academic starting point for your paper and provides prima facie evidence that your research is
grounded in the academic literature.

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