properly apa cited researched information B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

properly apa cited researched information B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Each PowerPoint presentation will include a minimum of 9 detailed slides (Includes Cargo and International slides) that discuss your selected airline in your own words (paraphrased) along with properly APA cited researched information. Each slide is to include in-text APA citations and a reference slide at the end not to be included as one of the 6 detailed slides.

Include the below topics but not limited to the topics covered in the last few modules (REVIEW the TEXTBOOK READINGS):

Describe your airline’s management structure. If you can find it, include a link to their organization chart showing the companies departmentalization.

Include a brief bio/background of the current CEO.

Furthermore, quickly describe the company’s route structure.

Do they use the hub-and-spoke system? If so, where are their hubs?

Are they point-to-point? If so, why?

How does your airline market itself? Include a link to their most current marketing campaign. This might be a YouTube video of their current TV commercials or a link to their print advertising–whatever you can find.

What is the overall message of this advertising (i.e. how is the airline attempting to differentiate itself from its competitors)?

Who are the airlines, primary competitors?

Describe how your airline prices their tickets and explain how this tactic is working for them.

How does your airline calculate their prices?

Do they sell no-frills airfare?

What is included in your airlines’ airfare?

Would you organize their pricing structure differently?

Cargo & International Slides:

Create 3 slides on your airline’s cargo (or on another air cargo company if your airline does not have cargo operations) and international operations.

Include information such as but not limited to:

Compare/contrast with others in the industry, discuss current events regarding their cargo/international operations.

Provide data to back-up your information with proper citing.

What percentage of your airline’s revenues are derived from cargo? (research their financials for any information on issues or growth/contraction on their operations)

What cargo services do they offer?

Describe your airline’s international operations.

Show graphs, data and pie charts of market share of the airline in domestic and international

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