promising program models ,” 2020 ). H e a l t h M e d i c a l

promising program models ,” 2020 ). H e a l t h M e d i c a l


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Describe an evidence-based practice used in public health.

The Community Guide is a very beneficial evidence-based practice model used in public health. The practice was formed by the Community Preventive Services Taskforce through the (CDC) to examine public, society, and healthcare methods, programs, and policies to speak on many different public health and health promotion subjects to assess the best models (“Identifying Evidence-Based and Promising Program Models,” 2020). The Community Guide evidence-based practice model answer questions addressing the effectiveness of intervention programs and policy, the effective use of intervention within a community, and effective cost of an intervention and the probable return on investment (“Identifying Evidence-Based and Promising Program Models,” 2020). Strengths of the Community Guide evidence-based practice is that meticulous standards of practical indications are put into an application. However, limitations have emphasized insufficient evidence of some interventions, and interventions that are suggested or to be effective could be expensive (“Identifying Evidence-Based and Promising Program Models,” 2020).

How are interventions established as “evidence-based” in public health?

Intervention and Public health programs are established evidence-based in public health by following six key components:

  • Innovation as it is an essential part of public health strategies and advance the evidence for action
  • Technical Package with a few numbers of high priority, evidence-based interventions that combined will create a significant impact
  • Effective performance management that entails careful, actual monitoring, appraisal, and program improvement
  • Partnerships with and alliances with public and private areas and organizations
  • Communication of correct and on-time information to be disseminated to the healthcare community, policymakers, and the community to gain positive behavior change and involve all organizations and institutions that help people
  • Commitment from political officials to ensure resources and support for effective action (Frieden, 2014).

Discuss the importance of the chosen evidence-based practice to the field.

The importance of the community guide evidence-based practice is a systematic review to process relevant studies, evaluate their quality, and review the evidence. The practice is important to the field as it helps improve the power and precision of results, decreases biases in conclusions, provide feedback on the effectiveness of public health issues, examine the generalizability of findings, and classify gaps and limitations for future investigation (“Our Methodology,” 2019). The steps in the practice provide several review processes that help assess the quality of each study and use many methods that focus on specific needs of public health. When interventions are effective, economic efficiencies are assed to make suggestions based on whether or not a program can improve health, in spite of cost or economic benefits (“Our Methodology,” 2019).


Frieden, T. R. (2014). Six Components Necessary for Effective Public Health Program Implementation. American Journal of Public Health, 104(1), 17–22.

Guide to Community Preventive Services. Our Methodology. https:// Page last updated: August 28, 2019. Page accessed: October 27, 2020

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  • Ask a probing question.
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