project needs assessment based upon industry best practices B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

project needs assessment based upon industry best practices B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

to reflect on your learning this six weeks term in the context of your own career and the integration of

business analysis. Include the following insights in your work:

1. Introduction

2. Content Part 1: Building on Week 1 DB, What you want to také away from this course, create a reflection on how this term’s

week1 DB:s business analysts, it is expected we have deep knowledge not only in BA tools, techniques, skills and competencies but also in the organization and the domain work of the business/project. As a consultant, I often find myself in the situation where I can transfer some knowledge from one domain area to another, but there are still some gaps that I am responsible to fill (this is also very true in the PM space) as we take on this project, what type of organizational and domain knowledge do you need to be successful as a BA for this project? What are the biggest knowledge gaps?

work can support addressing your goals? What is still missing and how will you work to close this gap? You may also reflect

on your key takeways and how they will be applied.

3. Content Part 2: Building on the term work – Considering the domain of of business analysis – pre-project, during the project

and post-project – how will you approach the “whole job of business analysis”? What key practices can you apply to address

your real or perceived challenges as an integrated whole as you work to deliver solutions that meet the needs of the

organization? This part of your reflection should recognize the challenges and identify and develop at least 3 proactive

actions – what the action is, how it would be employed – including the detail of relevant tools/ techniques, what the result

should be (how it supports addressing the challenge), and potential issues/risks to be aware of. You may consider this from

the perspective of the business analyst or that of the project manager working through these parts of the project.

4. Conclusion

Learning Connection:
This assignment is directly linked to the following key learning outcomes All learning outcomes,

Develop a framework for integrating business analysis good practices in the project management environment –
considering organizational and environmental complexity
Understand and interpret the impacts that AI will have on the process of business analysis and construct strategies for
adapting processes to the process of developing requirements
Design and implement processes that integrate change into organizational systems
Design and organize a project needs assessment based upon industry best practices and standard applications (business
case, benefits realization, benefits sustainment and transition)

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