products ’ supply chain W r i t i n g

products ’ supply chain W r i t i n g

What are the factors that cause the supply chain collapse in the UK?

Where are the bottlenecks in the Distribution Channels? 

What are the results of the bottlenecks in the supply chain?

  • What are the  suggested resolutions to prevent the supply chain collapse?
  • What did you learn from the video about Distributing and Promoting Product
  • a How is the COVID-19 PANDEMIC related to supply shortages in the UK?
  • b)    What role does the supply of qualified workers play in the products’ supply chain?
  • c)     What political and legal factors play a role in the products’ supply chain?
  • d)    What are the consequences  of problems in the product supply chain for the consumers? 

e)    What solution have companies thought of to tackle the supply chain shortages?

f)      What could be the causes for possible supply chain shortages in the UAE? watch the video then answer the following questions

  • a)    What is the consequence of climate change on migration of people from certain countries to others? In other words, what could be the financial impact on countries and companies?

b)    What implications does climate change have on the production and supply of food? Give examples. 

c) Find examples of sustainable initiatives of companies and describe how they finance these.

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