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product within 140 characters B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

substantive response, no more than 150 words to the below:

After reviewing the readings and videos, each platform is used for different purposes when it comes down to social media marketing. For example, Twitter does not appeal to the same audience as Facebook may have. So it is important for marketers to know what audience they are targeting. Listening to what people are saying about a company or brand enables the organization to determine its current social media presence, which in turn guides the setting of social media goals and strategies to achieve them (Barker, D., 2016). This platform can be used to sell a product within 140 characters or less to get the consumer engaged. By selling this brand, the marketer is using Twitter’s followers count, the reach of posts on the page, and much more. This platform can build the brand higher up from where it was.

Another example of a platform that is being used in social media marketing is LinkedIn; this platform is big on providing meaningful content by businesses, employers, employees, connections from all over the world. Through these connections, we are able to connect with people who can help the user succeed towards his or her goal. This has transformed the platform into a content powerhouse and a viable publishing option for businesses trying to establish a content presence (Schaefer, M., 2018).

Lastly, YouTube is another platform in which marketers use for social media marketing through visual content. On top of keeping up with building up the brand, building connections through businesses, YouTube allows marketers to stay on top of social media trends as well as having a different outreach through ad videos, influencer videos to boost a brand or business. This platform can track engagement and see what is working for the marketer.

From these three platforms and different tactics to reach their audiences, marketers have succeeded the most through video content in most social media marketing. As TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube begin to work their way up the social media ladder, visual content is being used more and more to bring in more consumers.


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Schaefer, M. W. (2018). Social media explained. United States: Schaefer Marketing Solutions.

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