process elements including continuous improvement H u m a n i t i e s

process elements including continuous improvement H u m a n i t i e s

The certification project done by our team contains such a heavy material that can be applicable to many certification organizations. Of course for any presentation to be presented, we have to prepare in order to deliver our project as best as possible to a large staff. However, if we were asked to present our project without giving a notice a head of time, I believe we will manage to present well since all the team is aware of all the content in the project as we worked on the project for weeks.

The plan of presenting our project is to start with talking about the need for certifications, define and introduce each phase in the project and demonstrate what have been done in these phases, and talk about analysis of our results. In the define phase we will talk about the SIPOC and high level process map. We can mention that our high level process map might be long as it consists of eight step processes, but that’s only because we are making sure to identify the process in detail coving most of the process elements including continuous improvement for exams motivating the pass rate to increase over time with only qualified candidates that deserve to pass their program. In the measure phase we will talk about the design of experiment and explain briefly the three primary factors of employer perception of our certification program.

In the analyze phase, where the presentation emphasis on as most of the work was done in, will talk about two fishbone diagrams that are damaged reputation and lack of credibility, and heavily focus on the FMEA with the detailed process map for each step process to demonstrate what potential failure and risks can be faced when implementing the project, and what actions to take toward these threating potential failure modes. Moving to the improve phase, we will talk about each step process and how we plan to improve them with the As is/To be. Statistical data is powerful as it shows facts. We will talk explain the data and control charts in the control phase, and our approach to have the process of certifying candidates being in control.

Concluding the presentation with talking about program goal analysis, six sigma score, and detailed analysis in the results section of our project. The presentation will be significantly different from a regular a classroom presentation because it contains heavy material, and it’s more practical to different industries that are in the same field.

This will definitely positively impact and change my perspective of seeing my job application process, improving my thinking and project skills in my future position. The experience that I already have from completing the project, and will gain from presenting randomly, is going to make me more competitive to acquisition the position I applied for.

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