problem “ thoughts ” — trend W r i t i n g

problem “ thoughts ” — trend W r i t i n g


Are you there? I’m about to post the recommended updates for approval.

I had a meeting with my Chairs last week. This would be the final step for approval. We are on track. The final stage requires evidence/stats of the problem (changes pre covid until now). They need a span of 2 years or more. Please condense the evidence
into a 3-4 page document so I can run it by my Chair before final submission.
I’ve uploaded in-office emails and charts from our internal records system as evidence, I just need your help condensing the data as requested by my Chair. I will attach the charts after you respond. Studypool says I’ve maxed with uploads here. Please let me know if you need anything else.

Here’s a summary of what was discussed and recommended from my Chair’s notes.

Hello Marcia,

I enjoyed our group call with Dr. Crocker (about the research problem).

Per your request, here are my notes from our meeting. I apologize in advance for the transcription as they made more sense when I hand wrote them – tee hee

I.P.E.D.S. is a good source for higher education retention rates.

70% of students at Marcia’s school are international.

Enrollment (decline?) stats needed locally and nationally to support the research problem.

Current Admin policy (locally) is MORE online teaching (LOCAL EVIDENCE NEEDED)

Problem “thoughts” — Trend to online education BEFORE covid. Then exacerbated by covid. Teachers don’t have the skills or training to keep up with changes.

VERY roughly drafted problem: “Prior to COVID, then Covid, and since the events of 2020, more online learning has been employed. More targeted and appropriate training needed. Needed training not exactly known” But what type of PD do they need?

Very roughly drafted purpose: “To explore what ICT tech training teachers indicate they need.”

Talk soon/Take care, Jim

My email of the evidence to him after the meeting

Hi, Dr. Crosby

Please see the evidence as promised for review. I have included data from our internal records system showing the decline in enrollment from 2019 to the present as a result of the pandemic. I have attached email correspondence and official letters/statements to students. One email reflects the confusion of sorting or clarifying aspects of online classes. Please let me know if there’s anything I’m missing. Thanks so much!

His Response

Hello Marcia,

Thank you for your work. This is a solid start.

There are 40 pages of information here, making it difficult to digest for relevance. (It looks like you uploaded one document twice, but I am not sure).

Can you isolate the most relevant and informative data/quotes from this information in a summary document for me to examine, please??

The first and longest document is 29 pages, but a very large percentage of the text appears OFF THE PAGE, so I am unable to read it. Can this be fixed, please?

The charts and graphs inside the email itself, are small and difficult to comprehend. Can you please format them on a word document and explain them , please? What are the charts in the email communicating?

My guess is, this information will work great, but right now it needs to be condensed, reformatted, and highlighted for relevance, please.

Can you summarize and cherry-pick the most important info from all this data into a 3-4 document, for local evidence, please?

Thank you for your work.

Kind and supportive regards, Jim

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