private insurance like blue cross blue shield H u m a n i t i e s

private insurance like blue cross blue shield H u m a n i t i e s

Read a selection of your colleagues’ postings.

Respond to at least two colleagues who are from different U.S. states in one or more of the following ways:

Suggest additional differences between Medicare and Medicaid that your colleague did not mention.

Critique your colleague’s post and expand on it by suggesting additional insight as to how one’s insurance may define access to health care.

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The biggest difference in public and private insurance is the care that you are going to get. If you look at public health care you are looking at CHIP’s, Medicaid, and Medicare these are services for children of low-income families, the elderly population, and then those who are poor. “Although the U.S. healthcare system represents one of the largest economies in the world in its own right, much of health policy debate is focused on strategies to lower consumer, business, and government spending on health care.” I take this is the government is looking for ways to cut benefits to people so that they can pay less and less in regard to public healthcare” (Gehlert & Browne, 2019). Then when you look at private insurance like Blue Cross Blue Shield and HMO plans, these are plans that are mostly provided by employers to employees. These are for like the middle- and upper-class population where they can afford to make monthly payments on insurance that way, they have it if they ever need it. They can all go to any provider that takes their specific insurance.

Medicare is for individuals that are sixty-five years or older or those under sixty-five that have disabilities. Medicare has four parts, A, B, C, and D, “part A covers inpatient hospital, skilled nursing facility, hospice, and some home healthcare services” (Gehlert & Browne, 2019) part A is given to you when you hit sixty-five with social security benefits. Next, we have part B covers outpatient services, as well as lab testing x-rays and physical and occupational therapy. Part B is optional you can become eligible for it when you become eligible for part A. Part C I also optional and said to reduce the costs of the original Medicare the only downside it could give you equal or lower care than you would receive on the original Medicare but at a cheaper price. Lastly, we have part D which is for prescription drugs, it is also optional it gives reduced or free charges to prescription drugs.

“Medicaid is a means-tested health public insurance entitlement program financed by the federal government and the states. The program is a substantial player in the overall U.S. healthcare system, covering one out of five Americans” (Gehlert & Browne, 2019) Medicaid is guaranteed to pregnant women and children under the age of six if they have an income under the federal poverty level, as well as individuals and families that are also below the poverty line. Because it is publicly funded it is free for those who are on it, however, the occasionally may need to pay a co-pay for services. The issue with this is if you do not hit the poverty level the government is looking for then you do not get the coverage that could cause issues with the individual’s health and financial stability.

In the state of Texas, we have the Healthy Texas Women with this program “More women can now get free or affordable healthcare services statewide. The Healthy Texas Women program offers comprehensive healthcare, including birth control, pregnancy tests, and counseling, and health screenings and treatment for hypertension, diabetes, and cholesterol. The Family Planning Program will now offer more services, including limited prenatal care.” (Healthy Texas Women 2015)

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