principle “ finders keepers ” apply B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

principle “ finders keepers ” apply B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Case Analysis

Case 1.2 “Loose Money”

If money fell from an armored truck, what would you do? This exact scenario happened in August 2014 when an armored truck left the Revel Casino Hotel in Atlantic City with a bag of money sitting on its roof. Not only did this type of incident happen in Atlantic City, but also in Hong Kong and New York.

  1. If you encountered a situation like those described, what would you do- turn the money into the authorities, grab what you can and keep it, or just ignore the whole thing? What factors would influence your decision? Is the decision a moral decision or some other kind of decision?
  2. Is it dishonest to keep money that falls from an armored vehicle? Is it theft? In your opinion, what would be the right thing to do? Explain the values or moral principles that support your answer,
  3. Some people think that if you take the money, you are hurting no one. Is that true? Would it make a difference if the money had fallen out of someone’s purse or briefcase rather than out of an armored car? When and under what circumstances would you return property or money that you found to its rightful owner?
  4. Do these cases pit morality against self-interest? Which one of the following is true of you: “I am willing to do the right thing: (a) always, (b) only if the sacrifice is not too great, (c) only if doing so doesn’t inconvenience me or cost me anything, or (d) only if doing so benefits me in some way”?
  5. What factors explain why some people rush to take money that has fallen from a truck while others do not? In your view, to what extent is people’s behavior in such situations influenced by what they see other people doing?
  6. Does the principle “Finders Keepers” apply to cases like these?

Paper Details:

  • 2-3 pages, not including title or reference pages.
  • APA writing style must be used for all formatting. (Double-spacing required)
  • Please see the “Case Analysis Rubric” below for specific grading details.

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