previous tutor actually could find 2 W r i t i n g

previous tutor actually could find 2 W r i t i n g


this is a writing assignment from a biomaterial that I need to read one NHI R21 journal and write about it like I do peer reviewing. I need to provide 10 outside sources( some sources can be overlapped if that support my hypothesis)

the way that the prof wants will be provided to you; I have a sample.

it is not peer reviewed because the prof wants us to do kind of peer review.

I have the article(it has to be the article I found because I already told the prof that I am going to do this), the sample(like exactly how it is supposed to be written), and the article for the sample.

it has to be one page ONLY and single-spaced. You will see it from the sample.

this is due Friday morning (eastern time).

Also, I would like you to answer to the question to these: are there any pitfalls?Any alternative plans to address the potentialpitfall(s)?What are the future directions?

I found one pitfall that the mechanism for this compound has not found yet and they will focus on this more in the future. but I am struggling with finding the alternatives and if there’s any other pitfalls.

my first tutor just did finished it but he did it in a wrong way.

he was supposed to use all 10 different sources that do not belong to the original paper but he used all 10 from the original paper so I had to post it again with the urgent mark on.

please help me.

it is only one page but you may have to find and briefly skim 10 different sources that do not belong to this.

the previous tutor actually could find 2 or 3 different sources so you have to find 7-8 more sources.

because it is only one page, it should not be too bad.

the reason why you have to skim the sources is because you only need to write like one sentence for each sources.

so please help me!

English is not my first language so there’s no way that I can finish this in 9 hours.

the article is attached.

I will tip you more if you deliver it on time with all requirements

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