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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Questions/Prompt:

In todays world many consumers are expecting the companies that they shop at or buy products from to give back to the communities that they are in and/or the environment in some way. Often times when talking with consumers we find that they will shop at certain stores because of this fact and they will avoid companies that have a reputation of not giving back in some way. Please take some time to reach the following questions/prompts and then answer them in your initial post:

  1. Do some research on one of your favorite companies to see what they do for CSR. Post the name.
  2. Briefly explain to us what CSR(s) they participate in. How are they giving back to communities and/or the environment?
  3. Are you more or less likely to buy products/services from a company that participates in CSR? Explain why or why not.
  4. Since consumers are now essentially requiring companies to participate in CSR to gain their loyalty, it has been said that “some companies only participate in CSR to make a profit and to look good in the eyes of the consumer”. Explain whether you agree or disagree with this statement.
  5. In your own words, explain how you think a company can use CSR to make a profit or increase their bottom line.

**After your initial comment, please respond to at least two of your fellow group members and then continue a conversation. Please see the discussion rules and instructions below.**

Discussion Rules:

We are here to learn and not argue, attack, be rude, or belittle each other. With that said, we can have disagreements (that is partially how we learn!), but we need to show respect to one another. If your posts violate these rules or is unprofessional, you will receive a zero on the discussion and will be contacted by your TA or myself.


Answer or complete the above prompt. To earn points you will need to post an initial comment (answer to the prompt), at least two response posts (respond to other students), and then continue some of the conversations. Below are some guidelines:

Initial Comment: This post needs to be 200 words or more and should answer the prompt or question provided in this discussion. Your initial post should be original and not a copy of what someone else has posted.

Response Post(s): These posts need to be at least 75 words and should provide additional information/details/support about the initial comment along with whether you agree, disagree, or have some suggestions or questions. Just commenting that you “agree”, “disagree”, “really like”, and/or responses on this order will not earn you points here.

Continuing the Conversation Post(s): These posts do not have any word count requirement but need to continue the conversation. These types of posts would include asking more questions, offering more suggestions, or providing more detail and should be in response to someone who has responded to one of your posts. Again, just commenting that you “agree”, “disagree” and so on, do not count. **These are in addition to the Response Posts mentioned above.**

Items of Note:

  1. You must post your initial comment before you will see any other comments.
  2. Quality over quantity. We are not looking for you to post 100 times nor are we looking for you to write a book!
  3. Enjoy these discussions and learn from one another!

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