posted inthe course reference materials module W r i t i n g

posted inthe course reference materials module W r i t i n g

1. Read the ethics scenario

2. Review the numerical data on Page 2 of the ethics scenario.

3. Respond to each of the three questions at the end of the scenario in separate paragraphs using an argumentative rhetorical approach based on factual evidence (see details below).

A. Rememberr to Include the three questions in your paper to identify your associated responses.

Provide a fact-based, ethically minded response for each of the three questions shown at the bottom of

Page 2 of the ethics scenario. Provide compelling evidence to support your claim using quantitative

facts/data (which can include the numerical data shown in Section II on Page 2) along with relevant

sections of the NSPE Code of Ethics and/or any of the applicable ethical theories discussed in class. It is

unnecessary to analyze the numerical data with respect to its applicability or reasonableness. Simply use

the data as needed to support and justify your stated premise to create an ethically acceptable scenario.

Given the variety of possible conditions and variables that could exist in the ethics scenario, more than

one solution may be appropriate to ethically mitigate the dilemma between upholding an ethical business

model and maintaining profitability for the company, depending on your interpretation and/or extrapolation

of the circumstances presented in the scenario. Consequently, no single correct response exists for the

scenario. Although ethical and non-ethical consequences can be included in your response, only the

ethical consequences can be used to effectively support an argument toward a particular ethical

mitigation of the scenario.

Construct a concise, fact-based and ethically minded response (1: clearly state your premise for each

response, 2: substantiate your premise with quantifiable facts, and 3: justify/support your premise

using the ethical principles described in the NSPE Code of Ethics).

B. Citing the NSPE Code of Ethics

To strengthen and support each premise, you are encouraged to cite the applicable code(s) from Section

II – Rules of Practice and/or Section III – Professional Obligations in the NSPE Code of Ethics (posted in

the Course Reference Materials module of the Canvas course space). Use the APA citation format for

the in-text citations and bibliographic entries at the end of the paper. No additional outside sources are

required but can be used at your discretion.

C. Formatting Guidelines

All bibliographic references should be listed on a separate page using APA citation format.

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