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Listen. Reflect. Post

After listening to the podcast “Brené on Words, Actions, Dehumanization, and Accountability (链接到外部网站。)” from Unlocking Us, please take the time to reflect on the following questions and submit a response to either of the questions below AND the single one below it (two responses total).

1. Choose either question (only one) from these options

  • What (mis)perceptions do you have about people you consider or might have considered to be your “enemies” at any point? When might you have dehumanized a group of people?
  • How do conflicts between “good” and “evil” manifest for you on day-to-day basis? 


2. Answer this question:

  • What is one lesson, quote, reminder, piece of knowledge, etc. from the podcast that you’ll be taking with you this week? 

You can submit this response however you want. Upload a poem, a video, a voice memo, a written reflection. However you process best. This is due by midnight tonight