post implementation issue resolution component B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

post implementation issue resolution component B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

1. Paper must be 3 pages/approximately 1000 words in length. This does not include a cover page and a reference page.

2. Follow the APA format:
3. Your paper MUST include a minimum of 3 references in addition to the textbook.
4. The purpose of this paper is to begin exploring how information systems are used to improve operational efficiency. This paper will include the following 5 sections addressing the initial phases of understanding the problem and how the organization’s environment will shape possible solutions.

Based upon the solution presented in your midterm paper, characterize the revisions to the process flow.

In both narrative and flowchart/pert chart format, present a representation of the current process and the proposed revision. For this section you should have 2 APA level 2 subsections (one for the existing situation/process and one for the revised situation/process). Each section should contain a detailed narrative of how the process works/will work, and an accompanying flowchart/pert chart.

SPECIFICALLY identify each of the technological components of your solution.

This section is designed to convey the exact technology components that will be used in your proposed solution. While you don’t need to provide pricing, you do need to be specific. As an example, if you state “database”, you must specify the DBMS and the approximate amount of storage capacity based upon the data needs of the solution. It is often easiest to work through this section sequentially in a manner that mirrors the flow chart from the first section.

Provide a DETAILED implementation plan.

How will you implement the new solution? (direct cutover, trial group, etc?)
Provide a detailed schedule for the implementation based upon the organization’s specific characteristics. You must provide a timeline for the implementation in addition to a narrative description of how you will implement the plan.
This plan should also include a trouble resolution/post implementation issue resolution component that describes how you will handle issues that arise during or after the solution has been deployed.

Discuss the controls you will have in place to evaluate the effectiveness of your proposed solution as well as the effectiveness of your implementation.

What are the KPIs the solution should improve?
What are the CSFs that will help ensure a clean transition to the proposed solution?

Provide a conclusion that summarizes the midterm paper and the implementation outlined for this paper

The conclusion should briefly recap the organization and problem, restate the benefit of the proposed change, then highlight quantifiable aspect of the benefit (Money saved, employees reduced, etc.) This benefit should be in terms of not only production/service metrics, but also extrapolated into a revenue/profit increase. As an example, if your solution reduced supply receiving time by “X” percent, that percentage would be deducted from the total man hours needed in a shift/day. Those man hours multiplied by the prevailing rate for that labor would give you an hourly savings, which would then be multiplied by however many units of the selected time measurement occur in a year. Last, the conclusion should reiterate why the selected solution and implementation methodology is beneficial to the organization and it’s stakeholders.

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