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possible media sourceswall street journal B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

The objective of this assignment is to enhance your critical thinking and analytical skills through the analysis of a current, real-world event that deals with HR topics. Each individual will find an event that is related to the course material. The event should be current; that is, it should have occurred after September 2018. It will be preferable if the event takes place locally or in Canada. A list of possible media sources is included below.


A copy of the news article(s) discussing the event

Title Page with all relevant student information

7-page final report (Times New Roman 12-point font) that includes a summary of the event, a critical interpretation of the event, and a discussion of its practical implications.

List of References in APA format

List of Possible Media Sources

Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes, Business Week, HR Magazine, Time, The Economist, The Globe and Mail, The National Post, The Business Times, shrm.org. You are welcome to use other sources; this list is not exhaustive.

Structure for the Report

You can use the template below to develop your report.

Introduction: Why did you choose this event? Why is it important for this course?

Summary of the event: A detailed description of the facts is not necessary, but the report should include enough factual description so that anyone can understand the event.

Critical interpretation of the event: Make sure that you address all relevant HR topics/issues discussed in class or covered in the textbook.

Practical implications: What should we learn from this event? What are your specific recommendations for employees, HR departments, line managers, and organizations in general?

(Hint: Imagine that you are presenting this report to your boss. Your boss wants to learn more about the event, its possible impact, and its implications. Your boss also requires evidence to back up the claims that are presented.).

Details on Grading

The report will be graded on the basis of the following criteria:

Analysis (Was the analysis reasonable, complete, and clear? Was there originality and creative thought? Was there evidence of critical thought?)

Reasoning and Evidence (Were the arguments structured soundly and based on the event, research findings, and secondary data? Were arguments logical?)

Clarity and Flow (Clarity of presentation and flow, errors)

I will provide you with all the course materials.

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