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population sizemedian incomejob marketpopulation growth ratesunemployment rateshousing costsprimary languages B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Write a Business plan for a smoothie company “Mary’s Smoothie Shop” in wynwood Miami, florida. Answer each question and complete the outline and powerpoint *APA Format and powerpoint

Create your business proposal

Prepare and plan your Business Proposal Presentation

Initial Planning

Preparing to become an entrepreneur and running your own agency will take commitment and focus. First-time business owners often don’t understand that good planning is critical to making things happen and getting things done. In business, planning is often overlooked. In looking more closely at becoming a Business Owner/Entrepreneur, think about these topics and how you would address them in running your own business.


How do you want to be perceived by your customers?

How do you want your staff to treat your customers?

What should your office facility look like to your customers?

What will distinguish the level of service you provide to your customers?

How should your office systems and procedures function?

How will you build the Business brand?

Market Research

Begin by researching the local market area where you are thinking of pursuing a business opportunity. The research does not need to be included in full, in your proposal. Include select facts and figures if they support specific sections of the proposal. Clearly outline how this market research affects the Business. Relevant data may include some of the following:

Population Size

Median income

Job market

Population growth rates

Unemployment rates

Housing costs

Primary languages(s)

Median Age

Major competitors

Demographic make-up

Local business environment

Total households

Market Analysis

Evaluate Internal/External Market Opportunities.

What customer segments or needs present opportunities?

Competitive Review – Who are the toughest competitors? Why?

Do you provide better value than competitors? Which ones? Why? How?

How accessible are you to customers?

Are you staffed adequately? Are you considering adding staff?

Is your office environment customer friendly?

What skills and competencies do you and staff possess?

What skills and competencies need further development?

Who do you consider role models to help you improve your Business?

What knowledge does your staff need to do a better job?

Goal Setting

What marketplace trends will you address in your plan?

How will you maximize the return on your marketing investment?

What customer segments will you pursue for which products?

Do you have plans to improve the marketing atmosphere of your office?

What is your staffing goal?

Do you have systems to ensure proper customer service, claim handing, and marketing?

What skills/abilities of yours and your staff need to be developed to meet your goals?

What are your personal financial goals?

What drives your happiness?

How to accomplish a work/life balance?


Estimate the fixed and variable costs running in your Business to determine the amount to be invested

Required Documents

  • Legal documents and licenses needed to run your business
  • Based on your geographical location, be prepared that the presentation may set up virtually and plan accordingly


The entire Business Proposal Presentation session should take about 10-20 minutes. Plan to spend 10-15 minutes presenting the business proposal and 3-5 minutes answering questions about it. Separate presentation materials are not needed for the BPP. The written business proposal will suffice. The presentation should conform to the general structure presented below

1. Local Market Context

2. Proposed Business Structure

3. Sales and Marketing Strategy

4. Production Goals

5. Compensation

Local Market Context (approximately 5 minutes)

1. Local Market Context (approximately 5 minutes)

a. What resources did you consult to complete your market research?

b. What opportunities and threats emerged from your market research?

c. How will this market research affect your agency?

Proposed Business Structure (approximately 5 minutes)

2. Proposed Business Structure (approximately 5 minutes)

a. Capital Investment

i. How much capital do you anticipated investing in the first 6 to 24 months?

ii. How much debt do you anticipate incurring over the first 24 months?

b. Team Development

i. How do you plan to structure, hire, and develop your team?

ii. What skill sets and experiences will you look for in team members?

c. Operating Budget

i. What is your operating budget for the first five years (including start up)?

Sales and Marketing Strategy (approximately 5 minutes)

3. Sales and Marketing Strategy (approximately 5 minutes)

a. How do you plan to tailor your sales and marketing strategies to meet the needs of the market?

b. What are some specific examples of sales and marketing tactics that you would employ?

c. How would you market specific Products/Services?

Production Goals (approximately 5 minutes)

4. Production Goals (approximately 5 minutes)

a. What are your production goals over the first two years?

b. How do your production goals relate to your local market research?

c. your team development plan, and sales and marketing strategy?

d. How will you ensure your production goals stay on track? What will you

do if your production results are below goal set forth?

Compensation (approximately 5 minutes)

5. Compensation (approximately 5 minutes)

a. When do you anticipate reaching your break-even point?

Proposal Evaluation

The business proposal presentation will be evaluated on the technical performance dimensions listed below as well as on non-technical dimensions, such as your communication and interpersonal skills.


Strategic Marketing

Demonstrates understanding of the industry, the competitive position, customer demographics, and buying habits of target customers. Develops a marketing plan.

Goal Driven

Identifies goals for the business and team members, develops business plan to attain goals and monitors progress toward those goals.

Business Acumen

Demonstrates knowledge of business management and financial principles

Tactical Marketing

Executes the marketing activities needed to carry out the strategic plan. Uses effective tools, channels, and tactics to deliver the message to target customers.

Business Proposal Presentation Leading Practices

Here are some tips for preparing for the BPP presentation:

Wear business-appropriate attire

Incorporate your personal and professional experiences into the presentation

Be prepared but do not over rehearse the presentation

Your business proposal contains the what of your business plan, your presentation should explain why

Anticipate the types of questions Investors might ask

Here are some tips for the BPP presentation:

Don’t read directly off your notes

Display confidence in your business plan

At the end of each of the five sections above, pause to allow for questions

Do not get flustered by questions – treat the question and answer period like a discussion


oF. Small Business Administration Website

oG. Zipskinny.com, Realtor.com, and Census.gov

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