polynesian voyaging society another option H u m a n i t i e s

polynesian voyaging society another option H u m a n i t i e s

This is a short, 2 to 3-page writing assignment (minimum 2 FULL pages!), covering a specific Hawaiian organization. Below is attached is the link with a full list. The paper is DUE OCT 14TH 2020. Paper checked for Plagiarism.

As stated in the syllabus, consider again the Student Learning Outcome: “Students will identify best practices in civic engagement, and engage in efforts to constructively influence the public good.” For a newcomer to Hawaii, the concept of “influencing the public good” should always start with taking the time to understand.

For this assignment, you will research a Hawaiian organization whose mission is the help the Hawaiian people in some way. There are many different organizations with many different missions. There is an official status of “Native Hawaiian Organizations” or “NHO”, established by the U. S. Department of the Interior. (A pdf file with the official Dept. of the Interior NHO list is also uploaded to this assignment.) There are also many other organizations, whose mission is to help the Hawaiian people, which are not on this “official” list. You can choose from the NHO list, the list of some additional organizations below, or find your own. (If you choose from the Dept. of the Interior list, or the list I have provided below, you do not need approval from me. If it is not from the list, please contact me via CourseMail for approval…)

In any case, the idea is that it is an organization designed to help Hawaiians specifically. Here are a few examples of organizations not on the list:
-Papahana Kuaola
-Paepae Heeia

-Aha Punana Leo
-Hooulu Aina
-Polynesian Voyaging Society

Another option is to choose an organization that active, either against or in favor of, the Thirty Meter Telescope, or astronomy in general on Mauna Kea. (You must get approval from the instructor for the specific organization.)

When considering the organization you have chosen (and your instructor has approved), you should dedicate about a paragraph to each of the following:

  • The purpose/mission of the organization.
  • The history of the organization.
  • Accomplishments of the organization.
  • Challenges and/or controversies the organization has faced.
  • How you feel about this organization (are they helping the Hawaiian people, etc.)
  • Anything else you wish to share, or think is relevant.

Citation rules are similar to those of the Aesthetic Reflection Paper: There is no need for formal citations in this paper, unless you are quoting something. If you quote something, put it in quotation marks, and then after, state the reference with the flow of the writing. Example: “There is no need for formal citations in your answers for this paper, unless you are quoting something.” stated Don Froning, in his instructions for the Civic Engagement Paper, on 24 Jan 2020. That said, keep the quotes short and to a minimum; only use them if they really are needed to make your point. That said, remember about plagiarism! When I say there is no need for formal citations, the point there is I want YOUR words, not someone else’s. For example, do not copy verbatim the organization’s mission or purpose from their website or the NHO list, unless it is very short and you put it in quotation marks, and cite it in the flow of your writing.

One recommendation: it would be great if you could talk, or correspond via email, with someone from the chosen organization. You can then “reference” something from this conversation in the flow of the narrative, as suggested in the above paragraph.

Submit your assignment as a MS WORD file, or as a PDF. Times New Roman, 12- pitch, double- spaced. Assignments should be 2 FULL pages in length.

Primary submission method will be via Blackboard; go to ASSESSMENTS, then ASSIGNMENTS, and look for the Civic Engagement Paper assignment. (It will also show up under COURSE CONTENT.)

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