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point times new roman font H u m a n i t i e s

You must attend two online concerts. Concert reflection #2 is due December 11, so plan to attend a concert before that date. Here
is a list of possible concerts. I will add to this as we go forward in
the semester. You are welcome to attend a concert not on this list, but
please check with me first to make sure it will work for our purposes.

Criteria for Success

You will write a concert reflection on this concert. This reflection should be approximately 400 words (2 pages), typed in 12-point Times New Roman font, and double-spaced. There will be three parts to your paper.

Please review Writing About Music and view the rubric before starting this paper.

1. The first part of your paper should be a general description of the concert:

  • Who performed?
  • What did they perform? Make sure to include the composers’ names as
    well as the names of the pieces of music. (If there are more than ten
    pieces on the concert, limit it to a general description, and list a few
    of the most notable pieces/composers.)
  • Was there a theme to the concert? (i.e. Piano Music from the Romantic Era, Music by Latinx Composers, etc.) NOTE: there is not always a theme, and if there is a theme, it’s often in the title of the concert.
  • Who/what organization presented the concert?

2. The second part of your paper should be general impressions of the concert:

  • With your knowledge of music history/analysis from our semester, what did you notice from this concert?
  • How does this concert differ from the other concert you attended for our class?
  • What did you like/dislike about the music or performance?
  • How did the performance enhance/distract from the music?

3. The third [AND MOST IMPORTANT] part of your paper should focus on one specific composition (and composer) from the concert:

  • What is notable about this piece?
    • This can be how it fit into history/culture, but should also be
      about the musical details. This as an opportunity to apply your music
      vocabulary. If you get stuck, think about the six elements of music.
  • What period in music history is this piece from? If you are unsure
    of this, check the year it was written and reread the Musical Style
    chapter in Kamien (p. 54).
  • What did you like/dislike about the music?
  • How did the performance enhance/distract from the music?

The concert reflection is an opportunity to apply the concepts you
have learned with analyzing music. If you are having difficulty
understanding the assignment, stop by my office hour on Mondays at
11am-12:30pm via Zoom, or pose the question in the Muddiest Points Discussion.

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