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Project 4: Case Study Evaluation

OWL First Draft Due Date: End of Week 5, Sunday, Oct.11, 11:59PM EST

Final Draft Word Count and Setup Requirement:

  • 1000-1200 words (plus an APA cover page and a References page)
  • Double-spaced lines
  • Case study source identified with APA in-text citations and on a Reference page
  • 12-point Times New Roman font
  • 3rd person point of view
  • WHAT:After gathering evidence from a case study provided by your instructor, write an essay in which you evaluate how effectively a real-life company solved a problem.Use the Rhetorical Structure defined in the HOW section.


    BRAINSTORM:Carefully read the case study provided by your instructor and then ask yourself the following questions before drafting this assignment:

    What was the problem encountered by the company?

    What solution was implemented?

    What steps were involved?

    Who implemented the solution? (What company?What agents within that company?)

    What did people within the company have to say about the solution?

    When was the solution implemented?

    Where was the solution implemented?

    Why this solution? (Was it effective?How do you know?)

    “Purifying an Image: Baxter International and the

    Dialyzer Crisis” by J.A. Davis

    ! A medical supply company called Baxter International that supplied filters for dialysis machines for kidney patients faced criminal investigations when the deaths of 53 patients in seven countries were linked to their filters. To defend its reputation, Baxter used crisis response strategies of compensation and corrective action.

    ! Your task is to read the case thoroughly and decide whether you think Baxter International’s solution was effective or not and to back up your position with specific evidence from the case study.


    ! Introduce the case study and the particular case it discusses. Give the basic facts of what happened (the problem) and the company’s solution to that problem. Give a thesis statement that states your position on the company’s strategies to solve the problem. (Do you think the solution was effective? Why? or Why not?)

    ! BODY:

    ! Begin each body paragraph with a sentence that introduces a point in support of your thesis (a reason you hold the position that you do about the case). Use facts, details, and any relevant quotes from the case study only to prove your point.


    ! Summarize your main points and then explain the lessons that this case study provides for other businesses and employees.

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