podcast “ nice white parents ” W r i t i n g

podcast “ nice white parents ” W r i t i n g

* I just need you to listen to 3 episodes and write a critical response.(2-3 pages)

Podcasts have emerged as an invaluable medium to communicate ideas and share stories. Through podcasts, we have the opportunity to learn from scholars and journalists immersed within a field of study, communities who have had their stories historically marginalized, and other individuals who can enrich our understandings of the world. For this assignment, you will select one of the podcasts listed below and go on a DEEP DIVE into its content. You should listen to (at least) 9 episodes of one of the podcast series listed below. Note, if you choose a podcast that has fewer than 9 episodes, you should listen to as many are available in that series and then listen to the remaining episodes from another series. For instance, the podcast “Nice White Parents” has five episodes. If you are interested in this podcast, you would then need to listen to all of these episodes plus four from another podcast.

To complete this assignment, you will write 3 short critical responses to the episodes in the series.

Considerations for writing the critical responses:

  • You have flexibility in how you listen and respond to the podcast episodes. Maybe you want to divide the project into thirds; therefore, you would listen to three then write a reflection about those three episodes…then you would listen to the next three then write a reflection…then listen to the last three episodes and write a reflection. Maybe you want to listen to four episodes for the first paper, five for the second paper, and write a synthesizing analysis of the themes for the last paper. The “Deep Dive” is your journey into the content and I’ll grant you flexibility to engage and report out as you see fit.
  • I have either listened to (or currently subscribe and listen to) each of the podcasts on this list. There is no need to spend large sections of the paper outlining the details of the podcast. If you want to do a summarizing opening paragraph, that’s fine…much more than that is superfluous. I would much rather spend my time reading your thoughts than an episode recap.
  • Your individual critical reflection responses should be as long as they need to be in order to engage with the ideas and demonstrate your content knowledge. I don’t think you can do the analysis justice in two pages and six pages might be more than necessary.
  • Think of the podcast as another text that is in conversation with our other course texts and conversations. In your paper, you should consider the areas where the podcasts and course content complement, clarify, or, otherwise, contradict each other.
  • Finally, you should consider how the issues raised in the podcast relate to your personal life and (future) professional practice.

Podcast Options: In addition to the links provided below, these should be available from Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, or other podcast apps found on your smartphones and tablets.

Scene on Radio: Men
(Links to an external site.)

School Colors

https:// class=”screenreader-only”> (Links to an external site.)

Ordinary Equality

https://wondermedianetwork.com/ordinary-equality (Links to an external site.)

Nice White Parents

(Links to an external site.)

Teaching Hard History
(Links to an external site.)

Teaching Tolerance: Queer America
(Links to an external site.)

Historically Black
https://features.apmreports.org/historically-black… (Links to an external site.)

1619: An audio series on how slavery has transformed America, connecting past and present through the oldest form of storytelling.
(Links to an external site.)



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