please use correct apa format W r i t i n g

please use correct apa format W r i t i n g


Imagine you are the “leader” of a health care organization. Utilizing what you have learned thus far in this course, what are the unique challenges, tools and skills necessary for creating an organizational quality management system that supports quality, safety and the patient experience? This is your opportunity to “pull it altogether” and make the connections from weekly learnings. This paper is about your “Framework” and “Culture” for driving improvement in quality, safety and patient satisfaction across the organization. Topics to include as part of your essay:

Leadership and Culture: How do you create a line of sight for employees and shared values? How do you create a sustainable quality management system? How do you engage employees and create accountability?

Structure/Framework: How do you identify priority focus areas and create a quality framework for getting the work done and sustaining results? What quality tools/approaches might you employ in creating your framework and how would you use them?

Performance measurement: How are quality outcomes reviewed, measured and shared for maximum results?

Communication: What is important to consider as you create teams, communicate and engage stakeholders? What is important to consider as you lead and facilitate change in the organization?

Technology: How could technology enhance the patient safety programs?

Please consider the “how” this is done and not just the “what” needs to be done.

As we have discussed during this course, leaders within health systems will need to employ relevant ‘tools & techniques’ as well as the ‘underlying thinking & assumptions’ to move towards a quality improvement culture. Think about the framework required to support that culture. (If applicable, you may wish to interview leaders in your organizational setting for this assignment)

Please use correct APA format, including a cover page, in-text citations, and a References page. Length: 1500 – 1900 words.

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