please see ppt presentation attached nurs4210_wk6practicumassign_kir H e a l t h M e d i c a l

please see ppt presentation attached nurs4210_wk6practicumassign_kir H e a l t h M e d i c a l

Rozana Ki

RE: Group A Practicum Discussion – Week 6 Attachment


WK6 Practicum Discussion and PPT

The focus of this project is to provide insight to each one of us on the importance and the processes involved in Public Health. We journeyed together through the fundamentals and then embarked on our mission to identify a population, a need, current resources, and how we can help improve that population’s health through preventive interventions. My project focuses on the issue of type II diabetes in the Latino American population in my county.

Type II diabetes has great potential to be prevented, and yet it has become more of a public health crisis at home and around the world. The purpose of this project is to make sure we are aware of it, and we are doing our part as healthcare providers and as patients to prevent a bigger crisis and to promote health at least locally. The huge inequalities in our societies contribute to the crisis by preventing access to resources and needed primary healthcare. There lies a social injustice. One of many, in fact.

As healthcare providers, nurses know that the health of an individual is determined by his behavior, access to resources, but also by his environment and the people around him. With this in mind, nurses are charged with responsibility to continuously advocate for population and public health, to make sure people have access to health education, preventive services, and primary care that is affordable. We need healthy communities to have healthy individuals. So for that, we advocate. We advocate on an one to one base, to an audience, with patients, with businesses, with our governments. Through education, through raising awareness, through research, through policy writing, in whatever work environment we may be. And that is how a healthcare leader works to promote positive social change.

Please see PPT Presentation attached

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Deshawna Fields

RE: Group A Practicum Discussion – Week 6


This project fulfills the mission of social justice by identifying an issue affecting a population that shows significant issues, and attempts to address how to improve the issues. If there is an impact on social change it will be for individuals to have safer health practices as it pertains to individual health and encourage others to be conscientious too. It is my role to make sure in providing the best evidence-based information to my patients that will impact them positively for the future. When nursing professionals take an initiative to address issues within the community, it impacts an entire population for the better. We have to advocate for change where health issues are affecting a community or population negatively. It ties into the ethical teaching of “do no harm,” so we must help the vulnerable populations become healthier by assisting them with the best interventions needed for social change.

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