please include references B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

please include references B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Speech Evaluation Essay  

When evaluating a speech there are several (3) levels at which to do so. This assignment ignores the Macro level and jumps right into the lower two. Think carefully about these answers and provide detail about how effective each element was and or how it could be better. If the answer is just “yes” or “no” provide a why, or ways to improve. 

Re watch your own This I Believe Speech and answer the following questions in ESSAY FORM. Please include references when directly answering a questions (1a, 3c, etc) to make sure I see the answer you intend. Each section should be its own paragraph. 

1. Introduction (1pt)

  a. What was the hook (interest)? Did it gain your attention?

  b. How was the need established? Was it effective?

  c. What was the thesis?

  d. Were the points effectively previewed?

2. Body (2pts)

  a. What are the titles of the main points? Were they stated clearly when their time came?

  b. What strategy was used for transitions? How could it have been more engaging?

  c. Was there a logical organizational pattern? What was it… or what could it have been

3. Nonverbal Delivery (2pts)

  a. What line had the most effective gestures?

  b. Identify one line that could have had a stronger gesture and how it could have been stronger

  c. Was there any extra/unneeded movement?

4. Audience engagement (2pts)

  a. Did you feel like you were being spoken at or spoken with? Why?

  b. How did the speaker use nonverbals to engage the audience? If they did not how could they?

5. Vocal Delivery (2pts)

  a. Where was pitch used to emphasize a sentence?

  b. Where was volume used to emphasize a sentence?

  c. Identify one place where emotion was used to add impact,

  d. Was the rate effectively used (and varied) during the speech?

6. Conclusion (1pt)

  a. What was the transition to the conclusion

  b. Was the need re-established?

  c. Were the points reviewed?

  d. How did the speaker reference the hook (interest) in the conclusion?

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