please follow bookstore student pay order process instructions B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

please follow bookstore student pay order process instructions B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Prior to beginning work on this discussion Part 1,

For this discussion, you will utilize your CliftonStrengths Results from your BUS621: Leadership and Teamwork course. If needed, review the Accessing your CliftonStrengths Results resource. If you have not yet completed a CliftonStrengths Assessment, follow the directions below to submit your assessment so you may use it when working on this discussion forum.

Completing the CliftonStrengths Assessment

  • Purchase your Clifton Strengths code through the bookstore.
    • You will need this code to complete this exercise.
  • Retrieve the access code e-mailed to you.
  • Use your code when logging into https:// (Links to an external site.)
    • Enter your code under “Redeem Code.”
  • Once this is completed you should have access to the Clifton Strengths assessment.

You will be using your CliftonStrengths results throughout your degree program, so save them someplace you can access easily. Be sure to upload your CliftonStrengths results into your Folio account and share the link to your Folio in your post.

Individual development plans are a great way to identify and achieve your personal career goals. These plans can also be used by managers to help employees identify and achieve their own personal career goals and growth. Based on your own career goals, job descriptions, weaknesses (opportunities), and CliftonStrengths Results, complete the attached Individual Development Plan.

For your initial post, attach your completed individual development plan (IDP) as well as

  • List your top five strengths from the CliftonStrengths Results assessment.
  • Identify two opportunities (weaknesses) revealed in your IDP and discuss why you selected these opportunities and how addressing them will help your career.
  • Discuss how your identified strengths will help you with the developmental activities listed on your IDP (use the Creating Strengths-Based Goals (Links to an external site.) article as a reference).
  • Explain why you selected these developmental goals. If applicable, provide the job descriptions you used.

Prior to beginning work on this discussion Part 2,

  • Read Chapter 15 in Applied Psychology in Talent Management.

Your boss has asked you to design an effective training program. Using the course materials and any additional resources, identify how you would include the following:

  • Key characteristics of organizations
  • Key characteristics of individuals
  • Learning and individual differences
  • Principles that enhance learning

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