played two outbreaks H e a l t h M e d i c a l

played two outbreaks H e a l t h M e d i c a l

https:// class=”redactor-invisible-space”>answer this question: What did you learn from the Virus Hunter video that you can extrapolate to COVID-19?

example from another student: From this video, the most important and interesting thing have learned is that there is

2- Please use the following website to download the Solve the Outbreak application: https://

and then click on: after you complete the level take a screenshot of the last thing that comes to it and send it to me. Please submit a screenshot of your last screen in Solve the Outbreak!

answer this question after you finish the outbreak:

What did you learn about outbreak investigations that you can apply to the COVID-19 pandemic?

example from a student:

I played two outbreaks in level one with one being “Breathless in the Midwest” and the one “The Village of Gold.” In the first outbreak, I learned that when determining the possible source of a disease outbreak, it is extremely important to note if there are possibilities of attacks. Before the outbreak of the Corona Virus in 2019, there were scanty pieces of information pointing that the diseases could be an attack between the world’s superpowers. Applying the factor of elimination to the possible sources, it comes out clear that the virus was not an attack because there are no groups or countries that have so far claimed the liability for the damages caused by the pandemic. Additionally, it can be noted that there is no common link between any pre-detected strains of the virus with human beings, implying that the virus may have been contracted from animals to humans. Another thing I have been able to learn from the exercise in the second outbreak of a gold village is that medications offered to the patient are always limited therefore the people who are in a worse condition should be given priority. This follows through the fact that in the Corona virus, some people were more vulnerable and were in worse conditions as opposed to the others. These unstable patients should be the priority over the stable patients, to save as many lives as possible.

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