Photo essay | Sociology homework help

Design a project, paper, performance, or other appropriate task linking knowledge skills from work, experiential learning, or community activities with knowledge acquired in academic disciplines. 

1. Choose one of the developmental stages or (Racism, Gender Identity, Sexism listed below on which to focus. 

Briefly state which topic you chose and why. Pregnancy Infancy (birth through about 18 months) Toddler (18 months through about 3 years) Early childhood (4 years through about 6 years) Middle childhood (7 years through about 12 years) Adolescence (13 years through 18 years) Racism Gender Identity Sexism 2. 

Create a Photo Essay with 8-10 pictures centering on your developmental stage or Racism, Gender, and Sexism.

You must take all of the pictures yourself. If there is a child in the picture and that child can be identified you must obtain permission from the parents/guardians to use the pictures for this project. 

For each picture write: 1 sentence describing what is viewed in the picture. Be descriptive about the specific stage, or how issues related to racism, gender identity or sexism is portrayed. 

2-3 sentences explaining why the picture was included in the essay. If you chose a developmental stage, what in the picture depicts typical issues, abilities or delays related to that stage? If you chose racism, gender identity, or sexism, what in the picture depicts your topic or is related to your topic? Explain the development (or racism, gender identity or sexism seen) in terms of a theorist you learned about this semester. You may also use a theory/theorist learned in another class such as Diversity, Social Welfare or Policy. Use an in-text citation in your description of stage or theory for each picture. 

Here is an example of a good photo description and connection to theory: “This is a picture I took of my nephew when he was just a couple months old with his pacifier. I have included this picture in my essay to show examples of Freud’s oral stage of psychosexual development. Freud named it the oral stage because “the primary activities of a child are centered around feeding and the organs (mouth, lip, and tongue) associated with that function” (Zastrow & Kirst-Ashman, 2013, p. 108). The pacifier is a main source of comfort for an infant when they are tired, hungry, scared, or anything else. It is a comfort to them because of the oral stage as Freud described.” 

3. References: Make sure to cite all sources at the end of the essay

4. Picture Specifications: Pictures can be black and white, color, cropped. You can feel free to use filters, Instagram, Snapseed or other photo apps to improve your picture. 


Here are two great examples of photo essays to inspire your work: A 13-Year Project That Started in Chinatown (VIEW THE SLIDESHOW) 

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