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people business ” – founder joe rogers B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Part 1a( Please use websites that are based in the United states and use at least one reference, and in text citations) Must be between 75-100 words.

The company that I have researched is the Coca-Cola Company. Coca-Cola has executed its strategy of developing, retaining and recruiting their personnel. The reason for its successful operations is because the company has policies that entail that for people to be employed in the company, there are various qualifications that they are likely to have fulfilled to fit in the company. Therefore, the company board of management and all the shareholders usually recruit experts in all sectors, including the accounting departments’ officials. The latter is responsible for catering to the company’s finance. So, after the employees are taken in, they are recruited and therefore taken through some basic training, whereby experts in all the company departments are involved, and all the new employees are subjected to the basic concepts that they are likely to undergo through the working experience. The company’s officials use the set strategies implied in the company that the new employees are trained, leading to efficiency in the company’s running. That is the main reason why the company has continued to embrace success in running all its programs and therefore leading to the smooth running of the company in the production of the soft drinks. The Coca-Cola company staff recruits the right personnel by assessing the conduct and experience gathered of the individual involved, thereby impacting the company positively. They company focuses on cultivating the potential of their people which has led to their overall success as a globally recognized brand.



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