part 3 please see attachment part 4 1 H u m a n i t i e s

part 3 please see attachment part 4 1 H u m a n i t i e s

Part 1

The Baby is coming! Many first time parents worry about how and when they know that labor has begun. So, for this assignment I want you to: 1. Generate a list of symptoms that signal early labor, including symptoms that may be considered false labor. 2. Identify what physiological processes initiate these symptoms.

Part 2

How Young is Too young for Special Diets: Death of a Malnourished Baby

Please read the paragraph below and view the links. Then answer two of the following questions.


1. What are the nutritional needs of an infant?

2. What kinds of problems, other than death, can malnutrition cause?

3. What kinds of social policies could be enacted to inform parents of their child’s nutritional needs?

4. How can new mothers get help to feed their baby?

In May 2007, the Associated Press reported that a vegan couple was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of their 6-week-old son. The son’s death was attributed to malnutrition. He weighed only 3.5 pounds at the time of his death. The first-time parents claimed to have fed the child a diet consisting primarily of soy milk and apple juice. Their lawyer claims that they unintentionally starved their child because the apple juice worked as a diuretic and blocked the absorption of nutrients from the soy milk. Prosecutors claimed the baby suffered a prolonged and painful death, not because of what he was fed, but because he was fed too little and that his nutritional needs were deliberately ignored by his parents. (Links to an external site.)

Link (Links to an external site.)

Student 1

1) Some nutritional needs an infant needs are:

-protein (breast milk or formula-less than a year old, eggs, fish, ricotta cheese-when they’re one or older)

-calcium (breast milk or formula, yogurt, cheese)

-vitamins a,b, c & e (a: carrots or sweet potatoes, b: bananas, beans, c: strawberries, melon, e: cereal)

-iron (breast milk or formula-less than a year old, cereal, egg yolks, meat-a year or older)

2. Malnutrition can cause many negative effects on the victim, including, cancer, liver disease, mental health condition, nauseas and headaches, etc.

Student 2

By natural instinct even animals are able to know what and how to feed their puppies. The human being is in a much better advantage due to our thinking capabilities that can help us act accordingly. On top of that, it takes to be a smart person to become a vegan because it is supposed to be for a much healthier eating habit after finding out all the problems that meet products can inflict in the human body. Especially the industrialized and genetically modified meet.

By deliberately ignoring a simple step like breastfeeding to keep a baby healthy and alive because of being “vegan” now we all know it is not a smart move. The irresponsible couple in jail for the rest of their lives sounds a perfect lesson to learn for ignoring an infant crying for food.

Question 1.

What are the nutritional needs of an infant? By nature, mammals are capable of breastfeeding their infants so that these babies can get much of the nutrition they need to survive directly from their mothers. especially, the first 6-12 months of not being able to chew for their own. The healthier the eating habit of the mother the better breastmilk for their infants. as a last resource, there are also baby formulas for those incapables of producing enough or good quality of breastmilk. There is an endless list of benefits as of why mothers should be relaying on breastfeeding more than any other form of nutritional source in the market.

Question 4.

How can new mothers get help to feed their baby?

Breastfeeding is an irreplaceable resource for nutrition to keep a newborn healthy and happy. Unfortunately for some babies, there are people like the couple that gave only soymilk and apple juice to their newborn. Many others don’t even bother to find a healthier eating habit for themselves to make sure that when breastfeeding, the baby is getting a high-quality milk. Serving junk food to a baby can also be a cause of malnutrition. New mothers can get help just about anywhere. From federal, state, and local government levels, there is welfare, WIC (women, infant, and children), Cal Fresh, (what is formally known as Food Stamps) the food bank, or even your local church. There is help everywhere.

Part 3

Please see attachment

Part 4

1. For 2-month-old infants, “out of sight” is “out of mind,” 2. A 1-hour-old infant may imitate an adult who sticks out his or her tongue. 3. Psychologists can begin to measure intelligence in infancy.4. Infant crying is a primitive form of language. 5. You can advance children’s development of pronunciation by correcting their errors. 6. Children are “prewired” to listen to language in such a way that they come to understand rules of grammar.

Part 5

Drawing to Learn: The Brain
As a way of integrating the information in this chapter and the previous one, please goto the following website:

While visiting The BabyCenter you’ll note that the site provides a very nice model of the brain.

Draw the brain and label each of the six parts depicted in the picture (frontal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe, temporal lobe, brainstem, and cerebellum)

Then Click on each part and copy down its major functions.

As a final exercise, search the site yourself for information on the major developments in infancy in these six brain areas and link to various aspects of Piaget’s theory of infant cognitive developmental changes.

4. Discuss your findings with the class.

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