paraphrase one sentence per citation H u m a n i t i e s

paraphrase one sentence per citation H u m a n i t i e s

For this entry, choose either to write about either The Iliad or Antigone. You may write a journal based on one of the prompt ideas that will be listed in this assignment, or you may write about any of the ideas discussed in the introductory lecture in connection to the literary work, such as connecting the work to cultural aspects, political, philosophical, religious, or historical aspects. The theme must be specific. There must be one central theme or motif discussed in the journal. Focus on analyzing and decoding symbolism found in the diction of the literary work, as you interpret the work in connection to a theme or motif when citing. This paragraph must be in complete sentences. The journal should be at least one complete paragraph to five paragraphs that are at least five to six sentences in length. There must be a topic sentence, background context, a claim, a citation from the work, an analysis of how the citation proves your claim, and a conclusion sentence that summarizes the main point of the paragraph. Evaluate how the quote proves your point specifically by re-quoting specific phrases as you interpret them by focusing on symbolic representations found through literary devices like mood, tone, metaphors, personification, similes, setting, plot, characterization, etc. Review literary devices for interpretation of the work in connection to a central theme. Only quote or paraphrase one sentence per citation. Add in examples and illustrations to prove your ideas from the text. Any point discussed in the journal from the plot has to be cited. If you write five paragraphs, there should be a thesis in the introductory paragraph. All paragraphs should connect only to the thesis. To cite an epic poem follow this guideline: MLA. Cite the epic in-text by writing the author’s last name in parentheses. After the author’s name, write the number of the book or canto from which you drew the information, a period and the line number you’re citing. For Sophocles’ play, cite as follows: (lines).

Prompts on The Iliad are as follows:

Is Achilles’ anger a virtue or a vice. as presented in The Iliad? How is it made manifest in characters other than Achilles?

Consider the presentation of the gods in The Iliad. What is their role? Do they control humans? Do humans have free will? Are the gods fickle, or do they support some essential order?

Prompts on Antigone are as follows:

Define the use of absolutism as the philosophy governing Antigone’s and Creon’s beliefs about justice. How do they compare and contrast? How is this important in determining the role of the law of man or the state versus the divine law in determining the central message of the literary work through the concept of tragedy.

Can Antigone be defined as a tragic heroine based on her duty to uphold the divine ordinances of the gods, or did she overstep her limitations as a mortal by defying Creon’s decree to meet her fate? Justify your answer with examples and illustrations from the plot.

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