overall portfolio references page containing citation list W r i t i n g

overall portfolio references page containing citation list W r i t i n g

• Cover Page for Entire Portfolio (Including Content-Specific Title for Overall Portfolio)

  • Abstract for Overall Portfolio
  • References Page containing citation list of ALL references for all three papers (do not
  • separate each essay’s references – have on full alphabetized list).You will demonstrate this by providing :

    (1) revised drafts of your previous three essays, along with a brief statement explaining your revisions;

    (2) a one-page reflection about the importance of philosophy and ethics in your profession; and

    (3) a one-page reflection on your performance as a student in this class.

    Section 1 – Revisions and Revision Statement The first part of this portfolio includes revised drafts of your previous three essays (“Ethical Experts*essay 1*),” and “Ethical Theories*essay 2*,” and “Ethical Case Study*essay 3*”). Consider revising your essays by doing the following things: looking at my feedback on your essays, sharing your essay with a trusted friend, looking back at the essay instructions, visiting the tutoring center, etc. You should include a brief 300 to 500 statement explaining your choices in revising your essays. This statement should answer the following questions: What did I notice could be improved in my drafts? What did I do to make those improvements? Was I successful? What else could I improve?

    Section 2 – Reflection on Philosophy and Ethics The second part of this portfolio is a 700-1000 word essay answering the questions, “Why is philosophy, and specifically ethics, important to the rest of my life and my profession?” “What I am taking with me from this class?” This is an open-ended question giving you the space to connect this class to your own professional and personal goals.

    Section 3 – Reflection on Labor-based assessment The third part of this portfolio is a 700-1000 word essay answering the question, “What did I learn in this class?” “How did I grow in this class?” “What grade do I deserve in this class?” This should include a discussion of the expectations of the class and an honest assessment of your work as a student. I’m more interested in what you did in this class (ex. show up on time, ask questions, visit office hours, etc.) and your growth as a student, rather than the quality of individual assignments. This reflection should also discuss whether you deserve the standard B+ for fulfilling the labor-based contract in the syllabus, whether you deserve a higher grade for surpassing the expectations, or whether you deserve a lower grade for failing to meet the expectations.

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