original topic focus change W r i t i n g

original topic focus change W r i t i n g

Read all of the assigned essays (Gopnik (Links to an external site.), Thompson (Links to an external site.), Edelman (Links to an external site.), Sawyer & Wagner (Links to an external site.)), but respond to only one.

  1. In the opening sentences, give the author’s full name and “Essay Title” in a complete sentence.
  2. Give your reactions, opinions, and thoughts about the material.
  3. You need not mention the author again unless you quote or summarize the material.
  4. If you give the author’s name again, use last name only.
  5. If you use the author’s words (quote) or ideas (summary), cite both in text and bibliographically.

***Remember that Responses 7, 8, & 9 are a unit; if you do Response 7, you need to do only Response 8 or Response 9–you choose. If you skip Response 7, you must do Responses 8 & 9.***

Write your answer in a short paragraph (250+ words).

this is the second one —

To begin this assignment, compose your Step 3 answering the following prompt:

You have started to really investigate the possible potential of your research paper topic by compiling a Preliminary Bibliography (Step 2). As a direct result of the list of sources you created in Step 2, you have made some discoveries about your topic. For Step 3, I would like you to give me a quick Progress Report in regards to your research paper topic. Some questions to consider when completing this step can be any or all of the following:

  • Did your topic change completely? Do you have a brand new topic?
  • Did your original topic focus change a bit? Is it narrower or broader?
  • What is your new focus point? What question will you be attempting to answer or what point will you be attempting to prove?
  • What difficulties did you encounter while doing Step 2? Are you having trouble with your search terms? Your topic? The databases? Bibliographic citations?
  • In short, what can I do to help you to proceed from here?

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